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Un jeu avec beaucoup beaucoup de défauts MAIS tant de qualités ça vaut le coup grave

Fav game oat ❤️ they did the game so dirty with reload imo :<

Ughhhhh why didn't I play this before 4 and 5, it's so sluggish, I need to finish this up quickly

obviously very outdated in comparison to reload but i do think FES has way better atmosphere than reload as well as just being more fitting. reload adds a bunch of scenes of sees hanging out when i feel like this game moreso captures the distance i imagine is between them before they groq togetjer. also this game has better colors. still, gameplay for the most part is atrocious IN COMPARISON TO more recent persona games.

game so good it made me not kms

Never got too far in it as I went from playing P5 to 4G to FES, and while the jump from 5 to 4 isn't bad at all, you can definitely feel the difference from 5 to FES which personally made me drop this one. Especially in the wake of P3 Reload.