Pop'n TwinBee

released on Mar 26, 1993

A cute shoot 'em up from Konami for the Game Boy and the direct sequel to the original TwinBee. It was released in Europe as Pop'n TwinBee after the 1993 SNES game with the same name, in order to capitalize on its success.

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Um bocado de opções de acessibilidade permitem fazer de TwinBee o que ele nasceu para ser: um jogo em que você pode desligar o cérebro atirando aleatoriamente e aproveitar os visuais e sons bonitinhos, independente de sua habilidade.

This game is just so cute and nice (:

Eh, not much to say here. I like the inclusion of a lifebar rather than having one-hit kills. Other than that, I've played so many better shooters. There's not a whole lot of diversity in power-ups, and you can see all the game offers in the first level. It also has the same problem as the first game where a lot of enemy shots blend into the background. There are less projectiles to dodge than in the average shooter, but that's offset by the fact that you can't see all too clearly. It's an uncomfortable design choice to say the least. The boss fights are actually a lot of fun though, so that's neat. 2/6