Portal 2

released on Apr 19, 2011

Sequel to the acclaimed Portal (2007), Portal 2 pits the protagonist of the original game, Chell, and her new robot friend, Wheatley, against more puzzles conceived by GLaDOS, an A.I. with the sole purpose of testing the Portal Gun's mechanics and taking revenge on Chell for the events of Portal. As a result of several interactions and revelations, Chell once again pushes to escape Aperture Science Labs.

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Ingenious writing and gameplay. One of the best games I've ever played. I wish I could experience Portal 2 for the first time again so I can feel the things I felt when Glados threw dommy mommy insults at me every time I finished a puzzle.

I need to replay this game again! I've played it multiple times and try and replay it every couple of years. It takes everything you'd want from the original and innovates excellently. I have so much nostalgia for the summer of 2011 playing this game after finishing school.

A wounderful puzzle game that worked on the core mechanics of the first game, that had great puzzles (even though I was so blind I had to use YouTube for help), I would have to give it a 4.5/5

good puzzle game, fun mechanic, good coop

its fucking portal, but improved in every possible way
even beethoven would like this game