Resident Evil

released on Mar 22, 2002

A remake of Resident Evil

Resident Evil is the 2002 remake of the original 1996 video game of the same name featuring various improvements and gameplay overhaul. The game features all-new graphics and sound, and also incorporates gameplay elements from the earlier installments. While the overall plot remained mostly unchanged, several new areas and rooms were added to the game. This remake also features many additional modes, secrets and various endings over the original.

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Without a doubt the best Resident Evil game. No pretentions, no outrageously unbelievable characters or bioweapons - just a creepy mansion, SWAT team members way out of their depth, and lumbering zombies stumbling down dark, moldy corridors. The atmosphere is simply unmatched.
Playing this on harder difficulties really makes the gameplay shine; each room you choose to enter, bullet you decide to fire, healing item you consume - all of it is consequential. You truly have to weigh your options in this game, adding meaning to every gameplay decision you make as you progress. The game never holds your hand, either; you always have just enough resources (map, items in your inventory/box, etc.) to figure out what your next move should be. The one and only criticism is, of course, the childish writing and dialogue, but the general atmosphere and environment more than makes up for these blunders.
Fun, unique, and scary.

Je dois absolument le finir mais pour le moment j’ai énormément aimé l’ambiance du jeu et les angles fixe de caméra rajoute vraiment un +.

Apesar de ser sim um ótimo remake, infelizmente sinto que muitas das qualidades desse jogo se dão pelo fato do original já ser inerentemente falho.

Best game in the franchise, so much fun and rewarding to replay, cutscenes and dialogue are still pretty goofy but the atmosphere is unmatched, Spencer Mansion is one of the greatest video game locations ever

The benchmark every remake in the industry should strive for and for good reason. It's the peak of survival horror gameplay while also having stunning style to it.