Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways

released on Sep 21, 2023
by Capcom

An expansion for Resident Evil 4

The mission requires secrecy. Failure is not an option.

Play as Ada Wong in this additional scenario and experience the events of Resident Evil 4 from her perspective, filling in unanswered questions posed in the main story.

In addition to the action available in the base game with Leon, a grappling gun can be used to get to various locations, as well as take down enemies from a distance and launch a ranged melee attack. This allows for a more exciting and fast-paced gameplay experience.

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Way shorter than the main game but little touches like the grapling gun, new weapons, and new bosses bring new chapters for this gorgeous game. Solid combat, fun weapons, also, not having an annoying little brat for a companion is a bliss (I love Ashley but I hate when she falls out of nowhere, also I shot her once unwantedly. That sucked). Furthermore, Ada's mods are amazing ;)

i didn't play the original dlc so i cannot give my opinion on if this is better or not, but this was so good regardless! i'd even go as far as saying i enjoyed the gameplay more with ada than with leon. mother to trillions

It's like a little mini RE:4 remake where you get to grapple hook mele enemies.
Money and items are tighter. Experience is refined and distilled and has some fun sequenced like the lasers. Even with re-using the same maps as RE4, it's cool to see the separate perspective from the story.
Worth playing if you loved RE4, because it's just MORE.

I will preface this with saying that I did not play the original Separate Ways or RE4 so I can't speak to that. As someone new to the franchise, and as someone who doesn't typically go for DLC, I really enjoyed this! I felt like it completed parts of the main story that we were left wondering about. I liked how Ada's gameplay felt a bit different from Leon's too. I saw people giving trouble to Lily Gao for her performance, but I felt her delivery was fitting for Ada! All in all, I am glad I tried out this DLC.

In my Resident Evil 4 Remake review, I mentioned some cut Bosses and sequences. And yes, Seperate Ways allows us to bring back these parts that were cut from the main game and play with Ada. For the simplest example, some parts of the main game, such as the cable car section, the Black Robe boss and the laser room sequence, were transferred to Ada. Frankly, I did not find this choice bad, after all, some innovations that were not in the original game were introduced in the Remake and the missing parts of these parts were eliminated with DLC, of course, some parts are still not available (the castle section full of flame traps, the part where we move in the wagon of the truck, etc.) but for me I cannot say that there is a major deficiency. I also quite liked the new cutscenes and the presentation style that was more connected to the main story, making Remake Seperate Ways better than the original for me. Also, unlike the original DLC, the boss sequences where we were able to fight again with El Gigante and Adam Saddler were also a very nice update. Ada's unique finishing animations and grapple gun make playing with Ada very enjoyable. As a result, Seperate Ways has become a DLC that is at least as good as the main game. Thanks to the added innovations, a gameplay time that is almost twice as long as the original is provided. I can say that I am happy that a DLC is included in the remake frenzy. I'd say you should definitely check it out after the main game. (Spoiler: Also, a cutscene in the after credits hints at a possible Resident Evil 5 Remake. Of course, it's just a theory, but if Capcom is going to continue making great remakes, why not?)