Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

released on Feb 20, 2003

In Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, the player takes on the role of a young boy who is caught up in the apocalypse while visiting his sick teacher, Yuko Takao, with his two classmates Chiaki Hayasaka and Isamu Nitta. The player must survive in the Vortex World with the new powers and capabilities given to the protagonist through Magatama obtained from Lucifer. With these powers, the player is given the opportunity to align themselves with a Reason that decides what the world will become.

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Le chef d'œuvre de Atlus.

Je n'ai pas peur de le dire, c'est le meilleur de Atlus et je ne pense pas qu'ils arriveront à faire de nouveau un tel jeu, une ambiance, une atmosphère, un Tokyo si sombre et obscure .

Sans réel surprise j'ai adoré le jeu, il est dans mon top 5 all time et je pense qu'il ne changera pas de place d'aussi tôt.
Malgré le fait que le jeu soit vraiment difficile et que le jeu, dans son ensemble, paraît très "cryptique", cela fait tout son charme et me donne (bizarrement) envie de relancer le jeu et de découvrir une autre fin, découvrir les fusions possibles etc.. etc..

Je le conseil pas vraiment ce jeu, hormis aux habitués du style. Mais si vous avez tout de même le courage d'essayer, foncez !

Top 3 des perso :

I HATE THIS GAME. its probably really good i just like more story heavy games better

Most frustrating hard mode ive ever played. 10/10

Raido Kuzunoha mentioned!!!! but seriously this games atmosphere is UNMATCHED and all hail the press turn system

Nocturne is such an immersive experience, I always feel a strong sense of isolation and danger at every moment and like I'm really fending for myself in that treacherous ruined world. It has my favorite turn based combat system of all time, which has so many possibilties that it makes every other JRPG I play feel slightly disappointing. With the way buffs work there's rarely ever a need to truly grind, if you bring a good strategy you can win, at least when doing the normal endings. There are countless memorable and epic boss battles with easily the most consistent lineup in the Megatens I've played. Everything about the game from aesthetics to concepts to soundtrack is just so metal and brutal and raw. Even when it's really putting me through my paces or beating me down again and again, I'm never too frustrated for long because another idea occurs to me and something awesome happens again. I first completed it on the remaster on TDE, and it probably goes without saying that this PS2 version has better moodier lighting. This run I skipped the Amala Labyrinth entirely and felt the vanilla content had a much better flow and variety to it, but TDE has some of the best boss fights and extreme difficulty too so it's worth trying it once. I just adore this game :)

Para mim (Deus do skill issue) em grande parte foi uma experiência meio irritante mas é um jogo bonito com uma historinha legal então eu não fico taaao miserável assim de ter jogado ele