Slay the Princess

released on Oct 23, 2023

You're here to slay the princess. Don't believe her lies. Slay the Princess is a choice-driven psychological horror visual novel/dating sim with dramatic branching, light RPG elements, and hand-penciled art.

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On top of everything else Slay The Princess is and is about, this game was truly made with perverted freaks in mind and for that it gets a high rating

Really good visual novel that, while kinda overwhelcoming its stay, brings a lot of new and exciting ideas to the table.

Really surprised by how much I liked this title! It's a really well executed concept that brings some unique life to the visual novel genre. The visuals are gestural and emotional, the voice acting is very charming, and the writing is compelling. My only real complaint is that some choices get a bit word-y. It's got WAY more replayability factor than I was expecting, which is the little cherry on top. A great time!

Great fun little game, I enjoyed the replayability factor that didnt require actual resetting but instead was baked into the game. Creative endings with fun horror.

I feel I can't responsibly give an opinion on this game that isn't totally distorted by how horribly, miserably, deliriously down bad I am for The Tower. Sorry.

i'm not sure why this one didn't grab me more, it's got everything i like - sexualized violence, layers of metanarrative, horror, vastly different outcomes depending on your choices, time loops... and yet, i merely thought it was "pretty cool." i'd still recommend it, but i think it got overhyped for me