SM64: Decades Later

SM64: Decades Later

released on Mar 29, 2024

SM64: Decades Later

released on Mar 29, 2024

A mod for Super Mario 64

This hacks aims to recreate and reimagine vanilla SM64 levels from memory and remove stupid stars that I never liked in the original. That said, some levels will be similar to vanilla while others will feel like fully new levels, because of how bad the originals were e.g. Course 15. If you desire new stuff, the endgame close to 150 stars is filled with new original stages just like SM64DS had new levels.

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i remember that iconic part in mario 64 where mario went to deltarune and touhou

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They are yet to invent a word to describe the feeling of getting 150 stars thinking you 100% a romhack only for the game to tell you that actually you just unlocked a new mode that makes it so there's 333 stars in total.

Starts off strong, but the later levels (2nd floor especially) can be kind of awful to play, since you're running through the exact same annoying geometry over and over again, but I liked this romhack enough to finish it all the same. Wasn't a fan of the F-Zero stages.

Really stellar romhack! The redesigned stages are a ton of fun and its cool recognizing landmarks from the original game. This games meaty too. I still have the post game stuff to do, but that'll probably be for later so I don't get burnt out! High recommend.

I usually don't like Super Mario 64 ROM hacks because they're designed for speedrunners or sadists, but this one is pretty good so far. I really like the concept of taking all the classic courses and redesigning them in a way that shows the passage of time. There are a few added gimmicks here from later 3D Mario games such as the shrinking tiles and flip-panels, and even the spring bumpers from Sonic Adventure make an appearance (and work surprisingly well for something custom). While the annoying boot-out mechanic from the vanilla game is still here, there is one massive QOL improvement- falling off the course is no longer an instant death/boot out. Instead, you'll lose half of your health and are usually kicked back close to where you dropped off. Considering how slippery and janky Mario 64 is by default, this is huge and I hope more Rom hacks will incorporate this concept.

Shifting Sand Land and Lethal Lava Land weren't very enjoyable to get all the stars in and I'd say they're actually worse than their vanilla counterparts, but beyond that, everything else has either been on par with or even improved. I'd say give it a go based off my experience, but keep in mind that it is a notch or two above the vanilla game in terms of difficulty.

A lot of great level redesigns here and not many duds. Have to also appreciate that it’s not very difficult, either (until the very end at least). Feels like it might become a great jumping off point for experiencing BroDute’s work instead of sifting through Star Revenge games.