Super Lesbian Animal RPG

released on Dec 20, 2022
by ponett

Super Lesbian Animal RPG is a short but sweet game about love, anxiety, and fighting funny looking monsters in dungeons. It follows the stories of Melody, her new girlfriend Allison, and their friends Claire (a sarcastic, rule-bending witch) (she is also trans) and Jodie (a dependable, somewhat motherly knight).

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not my vibe, not my sense of humor. i like lesbians tho.

i love gay people i love gay people i love gay people i love gay people

I'm a straight male but damn

What I expected to make me roll my eyes with honeymoon identity discovering slop that a lot of queer media seems to have a problem with, ended up just delighting me with a fun, humorous love letter to old-school RPGs that can manage to have the LGBT side as a major theme, without making it just about the only thing that matters.

At first I thought my life was a Super Lesbian Animal Tragedy, now I realize it's a Super Lesbian Animal Comedy

why do i feel like all the bespoke queer games ive seen that came out in the last 10 years have been just so saccharine? this isn't really a knock against the game itself, and I don't really fault anyone who enjoys these types of games, its just I really want more games about being gay/trans that isnt just like "I'm a girl and I can kiss girls!!!!!!" I want a game thats bespokely queer, but through the lens of someone whos gotten past the initial euphoria of figuring out your queer identity, like a story thats about people's real world struggles and how they intertwine with their queerness to where its the focus? they speak from the abyss seems to fit that bill from what I've seen, maybe something like that? this is a genuine question btw. and hey maybe if this game eventually does become what im describing then i'll give it another go! i really just wasn't feelin it chief.