Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

released on Nov 11, 2010

A remake version of the Super Famicon game Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, released on PlayStation Portable. The North American and European versions keep the original Title: "Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together".
The PSP remake presents several changes compared to the previous releases. New characters and events are included, and the script has been re-translated. Most importantly, the remake severely downplays the effects of a character's death in battle, giving players extra opportunities to keep characters alive even if their hit points have been reduced to zero in battle. The previous releases permanently eliminated characters once their hit points had been reduced to zero in battle. The remake also adds a crafting system and completely revamps the experience system, giving experience to all the party members after a battle, instead of giving it to single party members after executing individual actions

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This game was awesome! After playing Triangle Strategy I wanted to know what the direct inspiration was like. Gameplay wise I still prefer TS by a wide margin, mainly because you don't have to endlessly grind in order to use a new class, but I have to admit the story from TO was better (or at least the family themes made it hit harder for me).
A very good game, I will play the coda someday. Ogre Battle too, as I liked Canopus and Lanselot.

I find the gameplay boring. Too many button presses required to get anything done. I don't like any of the characters. They just say a few catchphrases and leave. A cheesy anime TRPG/SRPG with a dating system would unironically have better character writing than this game because the characters would actually do things onscreen. In this game, I see some main characters... throwing rocks at each other during battle because they don't like each other.
Not going to rate it since there's not that many ratings and I might skew the score too much since I've only played 1 hour. I'll watch some videos in the future...
But so far, I can only rate it a 2/5. It looks like the scale is big, but that's all I can give it for now.
I understand that some people can enjoy the gameplay but for me it seems torturous. Watched some of the future bits of the game. The dialogue/story is soulless and also essentially nonexistent. It's equivalent to an isekai light novel in terms of depth. "Crystonia is at war with Behstyoldyn and you can choose to murder Dyslotiva to save Canaotlia or save the innocents, etc etc." The characters just state things matter of factly, like "Now we must go to Ludenova to destroy King Cylatia or the Blevano Lands will be taken over by Duke Tienmy" like who gives a crap?

Remade to perfection, they jam-packed this game with lots of features and fun gameplay to keep it interesting. Along with it's captivating story it is one of the games that set the standard and stage for what tactics games should strive for. Truly a classic that no gamers should pass.