Who's Lila?

released on Feb 23, 2022

A reverse-detective adventure, where you control your character's face

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Awesome Point-and-click, Lynch-inspired horror. A reverse-detective adventure into the dark mind of an individual.
You play as William, a new kid in town who was trouble expressing emotions and making natural faces. Instead of choosing dialogue options, you shape William's face to convey a certain emotion you find appropriate for the situation. The expressions that you pick, combined with your actions, heavily affect the narrative and its endings. Which, there are 15 (16) of them. But, you don't have to get ALL of them to get some enjoyment out of it, necessarily.
The story is pretty cryptic, in a Lynchian way, so don't expect to fully understand it. Although, each ending helps unveils its themes and meanings. The subjects vary from reflections on consciousness, to even paranormal tulpas. It gets pretty meta at times, too. Really worth analyzing.
The visuals are Dither-punk style with fixed camera angles, reminiscent to the Silent Hill games. And while it looks great, it doesn't always work in the game's favor. Some paths and objects are hard to distinguish, and transitions between each angle feel a little clunky to traverse.
And while they nailed the Lynch vibe, and it mostly works, at times it really does feel a little try-hardie or tacked on. Also, I'm not a fan of the ARG side of the game. Just not my thing, personally. Encountered a few bugs, as well, with one of them not letting me progress on the endings. I did found a fix, though.
Great game overall, recommended. I'll increase the rating if the devs fix some of its bugs.
★★★ – Good ✅
Loved the 'Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk' reference too. 😌

this game convinced me to add dithering to my pixel art

lynchian as hell. glad that the game ruled out the one thing i was afraid it was doing within the text itself so that i could just vibe in the insanity.

Horror game that gets your guard down with its goofiness (you're clicking and dragging a realistic face to "respond" to questions, often making incredibly silly faces), only to salt in unsettling moments when you least expect them. We had a decent enough time, though we ran into a few bugs that made us replay the same ending more than three times, and the stealth section(s) frustrated us. Novel enough that it's well worth a look if you're into indie horror games, though.

The most David Lynch ass game I ever played.