released on Nov 13, 2019

Wildermyth is a character-driven, procedurally-generated tactical RPG. Lead a band of unique heroes as they grow from a reluctant farmers into legendary fighters. Battle threats lurking in the Yondering Lands and discover secrets that the land has to offer.

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La idea de un juego que sea capaz de crear historias procedurales es muy interesante y este juego lo aprovecha hasta cierto punto. Sin embargo, lo que al principio parecen un sinfín de opciones acaba haciéndose repetitivo a más no poder por la falta de variedad. Una pena.

What a great game. Each of the main campaigns are great and varied thanks to different enemy focuses as well as different narratives that are all intriguing with different themes. The stories that get told within a campaign are brilliant too with so many different outcomes that can occur based on a characters relationships, equipment and actions. The combat is simple but never tedious, with it being similar to something like XCOM which allows for a good level of strategy to be employed with your different classes who can all use any weapon. Plus, once you've finished a campaign, you can choose to keep some of your heroes to your legacy to bring into other campaigns which is such a wonderful feature, especially with some of the campaigns wanting you to bring in a legacy hero. It isn't perfect, it does repeat some of the events, the overworld can be a bit boring to do as theres not much to do on it and finally the legacy characters being introduced doesn't feel the most interesting and feels more like any other character being introduced but honestly yeah this was fantastic and one I fully recommend people play.

An absolute treat of a game, this little gem is seemingly underappreciated in gaming.
It's the closest I've felt to a game matching what I loved about XCOM but with it's own thing going for it. The stories are investing and sometimes the most unexpected things can happen.

A lot of very unique mechanics that pour a lot of personality over these literal cardboard characters.
I adore what this game tries (and mostly manages) to achieve but it is hindered by the long winded, obtuse writing.
Storytelling aside, the game is pretty lean - the tactical combat remains simple and the classes build all end up feeling similar.
Mystics are very unique!
I played through the first campaign and feel that the rest are functionally very similar.

Wonderful game that I can see myself coming back to once I have made more of a dent in the backlog