Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

released on Jun 28, 2016

Zero Time Dilemma is the third and final entry in the Zero Escape series. It is a story focused mystery/thriller visual novel with multiple endings that involves player choices and puzzle rooms.

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currently trudging through a replay at a snail's (lol) pace so i'll properly update this review once i'm done but like many others i think this is definitely the weakest game in the series although i do believe it at least offers a nice conclusion. also i want to kill eric so fucking bad

Probably the weakest Uchikoshi game I've played. I don't fully hate Dilemma cause it does have some decent character moments and most of the puzzles are still to fun play. But some of the twists(One in particular really pissed me off) kinda ruin 999 and VLR for me and it doesn't help that the characters old and new are at their weakest here. FUCK Eric and Mira though I hated them.

This was an
Interesting Experience.
I still don’t really know how I feel about it.
It is unfortunate this game didn't get the proper care and polish it deserved. What we did get though is at least a commendable attempt to wrap ip the trilogy. At the very least this remains the only game in the franchise I have not successfully predicted even one of the twists off so, Hats off to the ZE team for that at least.
As far as the gameplay goes, Puzzles are easily the strong point as expected. The new flowchart system does take some time to get used to but is easy to understand. As for story, there are a fee elements I adore, especially everything involving D-Team, and all of the wholly new characters, especially Carlos and Diana are great ( not you though Mira)
A lot of the foreshadowing in retrospect is also very fucking good, and there was a lot of care put into the finer details, even if the bigger ones didn't get the same treatment.
It was overall a enjoyable conclusion to this franchise (even if it deserved so so much better).
Also Fuck You Mira

>Akane says God abandoned us
>Can literally jump through timelines to avoid death
What did she mean by this?