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boooooo make more meaningless updates for a survival block game that is slowly dying because of said updates

So fucking terrible. The gameplay is so bad and boring. I had such big hopes for this one.

A big disappointment disappointment. the game is simply boring, despite having a cool idea and story.

resumen de asedio a fuertes enemigos con mi amigo.
pones lanza tnt con las mejoras y comenzara hacer caos.

Eu achava que seria um jogo que nem o primeiro, muito ruim e os personagens não estão se mexendo muito fluidamente, por favor corrijam isso.
Pontos negativos: quantos anos faz que eu joguei isso ?(respondam é sério.).

Chato chato chato, depois de um tempo fica monótono e repetitivo suas mecânicas

Definitivamente este juego existió

Played for 15 minutes with a friend and got bored

I told my friend to install this game; they played it without me for 2 minutes. I uninstalled it, and they did too. I'm now addicted to league of legends

It was really boring and not really fun. Sorry.

Make a city builder or an actual RTS next time, I'm sure it can do well.

28% - Legalzinho, tem potencial mas é muito raso e simples.

No me ha gustado. Los controles para consola son horribles, no se puede manejar un juego así, aún teniendo en cuenta que no es el género (estrategia) más adaptable. No tiene sentido ninguno la forma en que las tropas viven o mueren, tiene graves defectos técnicos, no es divertido. En general, un despropósito...

Fun for 5 minutes. Then you do the same thing again. Then again. Then again.

There's nothing to it.

Um jogo dublado excelente! Estratégia boas e uma jogabilidade bem diferente do que o Minecraft apresenta pra gente, eu recomendo bastante viu? Podem baixar

This game serves no purpose. They couldn’t even explain what kind of game this is, I certainly couldn’t. You just do nothing for as long as you can stand, then delete the game forever. If this game even has an ending, I would not be capable of believing anyone on the entire planet ever reached it, I doubt more than a handful of people even got past the tutorial.

This was a huge letdown for me. I really wanted to love Legends because I love strategy games, but this was just way too shallow. My first experience was also riddled with bugs that forced me to restart my campaign twice, once just before the end of the game. I'm really happy that I didn't purchase this game.

Got paid to play this and it still wasn't worth it

This game is kind of utter garbage. I do not have anything even remotely kind to say about it. I was able to play it when it first came out, and I just did not have an enjoyable experience. The main mechanics the entirety of the game hinges upon were half baked and felt incomplete. It was not enjoyable, the only emotions I felt the duration of playing it were boredom or frustration.

But on top of that, I have not been able to play online since. Online services literally have not been working for me or the people I try to play with.

Very shallow poorly made game that isn't worth your time or money basically 👍

It's fine I guess? It's a bit more redeemable if you're playing with friends but really just meh.

It hurts, because it starts very well, it has an interesting premise and a splendid opening cinematic, but when you start playing you discover that it is a rough and unintuitive gameplay, extremely repetitive and stressful, you play it once and never want to do it again

Somehow got repetitive only 2 hours into the game. I felt no desire to finish it.