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as i have not finished it yet, i still feel like this game captures the feeling of the original games. theres so many quality of life updates and it brings all the features from wonderful life, another wonderful life, and the special edition into one.

i have never completed the original game because as a kid i just cant commit to marry one marriables for the rest of the game. but this time, i got to complete it with my childhood crush, lumina!

this remake is (almost) everything i want. they maintain the lonely and remote vibe of the valley and the farming mechanics are just enhanced enough. the social aspect of the game is kinda lacking tho, i guess they put the extra effort for child-rearing and family-growing aspect which is not much to me.

i was hoping they added more mechanics like rival marriages or new characters, but i think that might jeopardize the remake for not being faithful to the original.

i love the artstyle and the aesthetics. i love the details you can find in your neighbours' house and i love this pov instead of top down pov like in PoOT.

cant wait for the new game in the series and more remake (animal parade and trio of towns plssss) !!

A gamecube game remade 20 years later and simply doesnt hold up in a post stardew valley world.

Lacking in things to do and the motivation to do everything that THERE IS to do. progress is slow, characters are dull.

its simply not a game I personally am going to enjoy as an adult.

The theme of the game is very curious touching themes such as life, death, the passage of time....

Now as a farm game it falls short for what is currently on the market. Few things to do that you can end up getting bored.

La temática del juego es muy curiosa tocando temas como la vida, muerte, el paso del tiempo...

Ahora como juego de granja se queda corto para lo que hay actualmente en el mercado. Pocas cosas que hacer que te puede acabar aburriendo.

Love the game! I just wish there was more to do.

I have been playing this on-and-off since its release to achieve the one thing I never could as a kid: see the true ending of this game.

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life was a childhood staple for me, and there's never been another game quite like the AWL/FoMT combination in the way these connected with each other and the story progression in the separate games but also between them.

It was the only console Harvest Moon to release in Europe for a long while, and as a kid needing some help with the English language (shout-out to this game for teaching me all the animals), a lot of hours were put into this.

The SoS remake implemented a lot of very necessary QoL changes without changing the game at all. You are no longer locked into a gendered game version where you can only marry the opposite gender. Tools have their own slots, and some questionable writing has been removed while still making sure to preserve that core that reminds me of my childhood.

That also means it's stuck in the farming sim gameplay we had in 2003/2004, making it very slow and cozy. It's the perfect game to pick up and play for a bit to relax, but not one I can play for very long periods of time, and honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Currently in year 3!