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Why is this considered one of the greatest things to come out of the PS2, exactly? Gameplay that's clunky and slow, with enemies spawning before you finish the other group kicking your ass being incredibly annoying. Worlds that range from decent like nightmare before Christmas to actively frustrating like Tarzan and Little Mermaid. Decent final stretch that makes up for it however, I'll admit. And the story is just as meme worthy as people make it out to be. Like, I'm a 100% unironic JJBA and DBZ fanboy, yet I cannot take a single thing in this fucking game seriously. Anyway, play it if you want, I guess. I don't understand any of it

I wish they got Phil Collins for the tarzan world

A fever-dream crossover with a cornball story, peak-Squaresoft presentation, and one of the better action-RPG combat systems of the PS2 era.