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in the past

got addicted to this back in the day and almost lead me to carpal tunnel syndrome

fuck this game

fuck everyone who plays this game

no shit one of the best games to come out that decade but man how did they screw it up

no im not calling him COLE CASSIDY STOP CALLING ME

Game fucking sucks ass lol

fuck blizzard too

release overwatch was one of the best shooters at the time, now not so much

I've been having fun with Overwatch again recently! Although it doesn't seem as active as it once was (and this is with crossplay settings turned on) but it's still a fun multiplayer shooter oozing with colours and personality.

Trash. Big blank empty platform with guns when I played. Only OW veterans will have fun on here but very unfavorable to new players.

Jogo abandonado pela própria empresa

Nice character mechanics. Each one feels really unique.
So bad there is not a story mode and is just a team based/battle royale game.

Really fun to play with friends before they added role queue