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The online sucks but it's more user-friendly.
The singleplayer is pretty good, and most levels are really fun and utilize multiple weapon-types.
I will continue blaming my teammates for my ranked game losses, even though I just suck

The online experience for this game is easily the worst I’ve ever experienced and I just got tired of the Splatoon gameplay in general. Also they did very little to address my problems with the previous games, and add virtually nothing to enhance the gameplay loop. The single player was great though.

I decided to play this as my first splatoon game and it sucked. When you first play the game I got sent into games with sweats and after about 20 rounds I got the same level of players. So after a great introduction to something I never played I tried the campaign and the campaign is overated in my opinion. It's decent but not something I'd ever replay.

This game is still broke as hell half a year later, but don't let that take away from how fun this game is, easily the best multiplayer shooter I've played in recent memory, and the story-mode is some of the best the series has offered.

I love splatoon and always will but the matchmaking is doodoo and the server connection is buttcheeks. It's actually feels worse than splatoon 1 and 2 and I even with wired connection. There are other issues but I'm too sleepy and lazy to type rn.

I got kicked from a game of Turf War right at the zero-second mark because of server maintenance and then Nintendo gave me a 15 minute penalty because "I disconnected in the middle of a match."

Splatoon 3 is so much fun, I love the story mode and the gameplay is incredible. The game is so in-depth adds so many features that improve the Splatoon gameplay. I'm not really sure why they didn't wait for a new console to make this, but it's cool. I love the singer trio and I really appreciate Agent 3, Callie and Marie's return. I didn't really like the 2 new weapon types, or some of the new specials, but that's ok because the older ones are still around. It's a pretty fun game!

Like every Splatoon game, a wonderful campaign (maybe the best in the series honestly) and a very uneven multiplayer experience.
When everything is working the game is fucking great. But losing experience from a really good match because the netcode sucks even with good solid stable internet always leaves a very bad taste. It's also difficult to catchup if you fall behind the rest of the community. The connection issues feels worse than 2 but still not as bad as 1's.
At it's core, I love everything about Splatoon. I love it's match pacing, love the gunplay, love the very intricate movement systems, love it's almost kitschy punk aesthetic. I suck at the game, but man I really wish they could get this shit to just work consistently.
Salmon Run is fantastic though.