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HELL YEAHHH this shit goes hard. More fun than the first Isaac, and alot fairer too, especially with the addition of seeds! Instead of restarting a run over and over waiting for the right items, all you have to do is get a single one, then input the seed for it on the character select screen.

As I said in my first review, i'm not a big fan of the boring ass pixel art, but thankfully in the options menu you can smooth it out to make it look more like the original. The animation in the ending looks fucking beautiful too, so it's an alright trade off.

In a world where indie developers pump out generic rogue-like after generic rogue-like, TBOI:R really stands out as the king of it's genre. Excited to try out Afterbirth, +, and Repentance!

The original Binding Of Isaac is still pretty good, especially considering it was one of the first of its respective genre!

This is actually my first time playing the flash Isaac, though I have played Rebirth (which is obv better lmao) and one thing I have to say is that I do NOT remember Rebirth being this hard. Even when I get a great set-up, I end up dying really quickly in the later levels. The game just doesn't feel all that fair, but if i'm being honest, most rogue-likes aren't fair.

One thing I do prefer over Rebirth is the art style. I love the SMB esque style, but sadly, the remake decided to go the pixel-art approach. It still looks excellent, but fucking hell man pixel-art in indie games is so overused. It makes it much less distinct, but maybe that's a hot-take idk

If you have £4, I would recommend giving this a try, even if you have Rebirth or Repentance or whatever. Just don't expect to beat it without hours of practice and luck.

With games where you practically require a guide, it feels that your enjoyment will derive from how good the walkthrough you're using is. One of the people I follow on here mentioned that the guide provided by IGN doesn't make much sense, so just in case that is true, USE THIS GUIDE: . It tells you exactly where to go and what to do, no waffling or bs.

Even without a guide, this game can be fun. Just jumping in and seeing what you can find or discover is a great time.

If this game wasn't so cryptic, and had better hints (and if the darknuts didn't exist, I FUCKING HATE THEM SO MUCH STOP TURNING AROUND I HATE DEATH MOUNTAIN), the rating would be alot higher, but I used a guide so idk what i'm talking about. All in all, its pretty good. Not sure Zelda 2 will hold up to that standard though lmao