Haven't had a single good take since 1996. Give me your hand and I will take the arm.

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Fearts to Fathom is problably the best horror game "franchise" out there right now. Seeing the mostly solo dev improve tremendously over each release feels so refreshing, always adding more content without bloating the experience while adding more and more subtle horror without relying entirely on jumpscares, though it never forgets it's main driving force of entertaining you and the psychotic baboons you call friends.
Extremely recommended if you have like 2 hours of dead time with friends and want to experience a solid horror story about being in the woods.

I change my mind making people unreasonably angry by calling myself "Can Drake Get Pregnant" on steam and pretending I'm 21 Savage desperately asking people if Drake can sue me for the unwanted child is great, even more so if I can say "Drake's my babymama" when I win and "I still won" when I lose. I only go mid and never gank.

The reason white people believe in feng shui