There is of course no such thing as perfect, but this is in my opinion the closest I have gotten to playing a perfect game.

Currently my favorite game of all time. Love the story, the combat, the world itself and the D&D feeling has been captured well.

The initial feeling of exploring Hogwarts, attending classes and meeting classmates is a truly great and magical feeling.

However, the magic does fade, after learning most of the spells you do not attend classes, you barely get to know any people and honestly barely spend any time in the castle at all. I don't feel like I'm a Hogwarts student, I feel like I'm kind of like Hagrid, I live in the castle but spend most of my time dealing with creatures outdoors.

The game is for the most part fun and honestly a really good game, but it's not really a Hogwarts experience.


Cute game, cute cat, cute bots, annoying ticks, annoying bots, not very interesting story or gameplay, but still decently enjoyable.