The racing itself is pretty good. The actually management is varied enough to be stressful in a fun way. Lots of moving pieces. The best part of this game is dealing with adversity and the stuff that comes out of left field.
I keep getting sucked back in because the meta story is so interesting. My team was so bad at fake F1 that we got bumped to a junior category, where I set my sights too high and the chairman fired me, so I found a job at a BETTER team, and now I'm competing against the team I created. Like that's just too damn interesting.

Gorgeous and super satisfying. As challenging as you want it to be, which is appreciated. Actually fun to puzzle out a lot of its systems. Outstanding sound design.

My best friend MegaMan.EXE tells me that I did a great job today and that I should get some rest.
Also — I love the little touches Capcom adds to these collections. Love the art gallery, the music player, and the lengths they went to include all the Boktai and exclusive chip/Patch Card content. LOVE Buster Max mode. Really smart quality of life solution.

Played for the first time in the MegaMan Battle Network Legacy Collection.
A solid first draft for everything that follows. Hard not to judge based on what's missing, having played the rest of the series. Throws you into the world with little/no setup which I both do and don't like for different reasons. Writing leaves something to be desired, but gets there in the end by making characters likable. World-ending threat is sort of a nothing burger that gets no introduction, but we learn what we need to along the way. Battle system is mostly there. ElecMan stage is saved only by reading a walkthrough. Not being able to save after the penultimate fight and before the final boss sucks. Thank goodness for the Legacy Collection's Buster Max mode. Really smart addition.
All in all, really glad I finally got to play this first entry and experience this part of the story! There are good bits that I've been missing for 20 years! Solid game.


Switch port's a bit of a mess. Still as lovable as ever.

What a delightful little game! Really enjoyable loop. Love how much freedom you have to carve your own way through the world. Loved the rate at which new upgrades are handed out, and how that's very much controlled by your skill and the pace at which you grok the game. Movement was a blast by the end. Glad I finally played it!

Despite having far fewer tracks than I remember, and resorting to mirroring tracks pretty early on, Lego Racers somehow remains exactly as fun as I remember it being.
The brick system for powering up your power ups is great, and it's still a blast to break things by using the full-power green brick warp power up over and over.
Later circuits also remain a challenge, probably because the CPU cheats to higher degree, and there's likely a ton of rubberbanding going on there, but it doesn't feel impossible.
After finally finishing the game and defeating all of its host racers 22 years after first playing it on my family's eMachines PC, I can confirm this game still rules.

Love that this game exists. The production behind it is mind boggling. Love Manon Gage's performance as Marissa. Really love the intuitive way it peels away to reveal the meta-narrative. And yet I also found myself feeling underwhelmed by the fact that I'm still not sure I'm done?? A game can end with a whimper rather than a bang, I just need to know it did in fact end.

Gorgeous GBC game. Music way better than it has any business being as well. Extremely fun action puzzle loop. Clear predecessor to things like Holedown.

Lovely game. Elegantly told story. Nice and concise. LOVED exploring this house.

A solid spooky time. Love the way all the episodes were tied together. Cool way to tell a story. Only undone in places by having to fumble through finding the correct text inputs.

Absolutely lovely. Story leaves something to be desired in places, and some character models and characterization lean a little too heavily on caricature and stereotype at times, but the vibes are immaculate.
The dungeons and puzzle design are fun, if short and few, the main characters are charming, the art is gorgeous, and the soundtrack is one of the best I've heard in my life.
The warmest, most inviting game I've played in some time.

I don't know what ancient gods had to be appeased to bring us a collaboration between Hironobu Skaguchi, Yuji Horii, and Akira Toriyama, but they can have my firstborn.
Loved the idea of having scripted battles rather than random encounters, and that they played out right on the playing field. Genius.
Shoutouts to Yasunori Mitsuda and Nobuo Uematsu for a bangin' soundtrack. Square RPGs always know how to build you up with a heroic theme and make your heart soar when you inevitably obtain an airship.

Short and sweet, extremely strong and well-designed. Gets in, has a good time, and gets out before it gets old. Love it.

Another gem from Zach Gage.