EARLY ACCESS: Supergiant doesn't miss. "How could they improve upon Hades?" They did. You can tell they've been thinking about a lot of these additions and changes for a long time. This is a game made (or currently being made) with purpose. Supergiant doesn't miss.

Wow. I didn't know I wanted a Metroidvania minus the combat until now, and now I'm spoiled. Such a tight, satisfying puzzle box. Perfect game.

Really nice addition/alternate reality for this setting & these characters. A little more authored than just "what if Stardew Valley," though that's also definitely going on. Love the centering of cooking, fits John's character. Unlocking new recipes through new ingredients is always fun.
All in all, really happy with how this turned out!

STEAM DEMO REVIEW - There's a lot to like here. I like the idea of mashing together a dungeon crawler with a typing game. Seems like this mashes those two together very well. Game's gorgeous, I love the black & white. Standing still, you'd think each angle was a bespoke painting. Then you move, and the illusion is shattered before settling back into yet another beautiful painting. It's lovely to watch.
All that said, I don't think this has legs for me personally. Had fun though!

Does what it says on the tin. Playing Battlefront on Switch in bed rules. Had a rocky launch that I didn't really notice, and still has some issues, most notably weird audio stuff, but it's largely fine. At the end of the day, I'm really only ever jumping into a handful of Instant Action matches, so for me this is good.

A completely unremarkable stew of half-baked ideas and half-hearted implementation.

That's-a nice-a game!
Beautiful in its simplicity, ingenious in its foundation, extremely addictive loop.

Well. It's. Y'know. The flashlight recharged faster, and that was nice.
It's just short and repetitive and not super interesting. The people telling you to play this before AW2 are wrong. Just read a wiki or watch an LP.

I dug it! Solid. Fun story. Some of the combat not so much, but that's Remedy for you. Probably rating higher due to anticipation for Alan Wake 2.


Wouldn't you know it, the first couple levels of DOOM still own on Switch.

It's still great and I'm still nostalgic for it, but I don't think I'll ever really stick with it past a certain point. That point tends to be "my house is done and now I'd like to go find a lot of iron," and/or "it's time to find diamonds."
The right mood really needs to strike.

Probably the best Mario game next to SMW, but the multiplayer is surprisingly unforgiving, which I get because how can you really make the flow and skill of Mario fun with another person without literally melding your minds but it's hard to play with another person without having to slow yourself down or the other person just having a kind of mediocre time.


A pretty good Megaman X-like with solid controls and lovely art that is unfortunately let down by everything else around it. Boring and repetitive. Certain facets of its loop are never explained. And the UI just looks unfinished.