Alan Wake's American Nightmare

released on Feb 22, 2012

A standalone expansion of Alan Wake

In this brand new standalone experience, Alan Wake fights the herald of darkness, the evil Mr. Scratch! A thrilling new storyline, hordes of creepy enemies, serious firepower and beautiful Arizona locations, combined with a fun and challenging new game mode make this a must for Alan Wake veterans, and the perfect jumping on point for new players!

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Cool standalone quasi-sequel to the first part, whereby the story is not really continued. Nice idea with the repetitive sequence, which always changes slightly. Really good movie sequences and an awesome evil Alan Wake^^

Meio safado o fato de aproveitar o loop temporal pra reaproveitar level design

A “just ok” addition to the Remedy canon. Only really worth playing if you really like how Alan Wake handled combat encounters or you are trying to play everything Remedy has made. It’s pretty cheap and short to get through.

Personaly there are very few things here that I found compelling. The story isn’t nearly as interesting as in Alan Wake. The overall presentation isn’t nearly as interesting. Mr. Scratch is a fun character, and I always dig the live action cutscenes, but in terms of the overarching Alan Wake story this adds pretty much nothing.

I’m not sure why they decided on the looping structure, but it was a mistake. It’s simply a very repetitive experience, with not much pushing the player to get through it other than the combat encounters if you appreciate those more than I do. They added new enemies which is welcome, but man, I still do not like Alan Wake as a shooter.

I get why this one wasn’t added to the remaster.

A good preview to the ideas that Alan Wake 2 would explore, but unfortunately you literally play the same 3 levels over and over again.

Club Foot is a great song, and the little tweaks to the combat make this really fun.

Also seeing Mr.Scratch do a Patrick Bateman is fantastic

feel like this is everything I wanted and expected from alan wake as a series that the original to me just didn’t rlly come through w.
kind of insane they put all the truly great level design and aesthetics into the four hour long stand alone game that came out three years after base game but w/e. wildly good and CONSOOMABLE,, I imagine most reviews from around the time called it a real pageturner haha. if I wrote fanfic I would write alan/mr scratch yaoi and it would be called alan wake’s american boyfriend. i like how often alan writes these stand ins for alice,, it’s cute bruh a wife guy oml. could def be viewed as misogynistic and it def sort of is but idk seeing how much alan likes his wife got me smiling and kicking my legs Im Sorry. remedy kind of makes games for boys that don’t read books but im a literate girl and I love how unsubtle they are w ripping off popular writers LMAO. smth about the american west is so beautiful and sparse and from another time and that works so well for this,,, shit makes me pog out. for more stuff about that area of america and that I was reminded of while watching this I recommend these rlly good movies: targets, 3 women, come back to the five and dime jimmy dean jimmy dean, human highway, inherent vice and maps to the stars !!! <33