Just finished it and although it isn't as good as the first one, it has its charms. The characters are hit or miss, except Fran who never misses, and almost all the side characters are better and funnier than the main cast. If you liked the first game, don't come thinking it's a talltale game. There are multiple choices and quick time events like the first one, but the dialogue charm of the first just isn't up to par with it.
The villain and the mega corp were nothing special as well. It was just Hyperion, but written to fit the Tales style. A bit of a spoiler, but the main villain literally copies Handsome Jack's pre-sequel machine, but actually uses it. Although she copies Jack's plans, she has no charm like Jack and you can't really sympathize with her either. This just makes her a cold and ruthless character with no real motivation apart from greed which doesn't hurt her character, but nothing makes her stand out apart from being technologically inept despite owning a mega corp.
Really had high hopes for the game, but it really was just alright at best. Like it's bad when the only thing that was reaction worthy was the last ending scene with Marcus. I feel like they wanted to make a new story without the cast relying on old characters, but that was the appeal of the first game in a lot of ways. They could have used them in a meaningful way like they did with Scooter in Tales, or just as an action cameo like with Brick and Mordecai. In the end I hope they use that ending as a stepping stone for Borderlands 4 and actually used the characters teased.
P.s. I don't know if my other logged got posted since it froze, but I'll delete the old one if it duplicates.

I've played so many games that are way better than this, but this game just has an inexplicable charm to it. It's not as good as the first one, but for the most part, it's a pretty solid game. Although the ending was pretty lame, I want to believe that there were plans for extra episodes down the line which fixed some of the story problems.
The thing I disliked the most is that unlike the first one, there's really no consequence depending on your actions in this one since in the last chapter everyone just happens to be alright except maybe just 1 character.
Even with all the cheesy dialogue and inconsequential decisions, the game was pretty fun to play, especially after having played the first one when it came out which made the game just that more relatable with its themes like feeling that you're growing apart from your friends since you don't get to see them as often.
In short, it's a fun game that although it doesn't do anything to set itself apart from the first one, it still manages to captivate your heart.

This game has to be the first game to ever touch my heart the way that it did. The way it makes the player question if they are doing the right thing was very impactful. Although all PMD games have the theme of finding yourself, I feel like this one is the most impacting one in its delivery compared to the rest. My only complain is that the 3 times I played the game, the pokemon quiz gave me pokemon who would be destroyed by the the primal king.

This story impacted me so hard. It was the first MGS game I had ever touched. The game starts sort of slow and I was thinking of putting it down, but after the prologue, the game builds up quickly to become a memorable experience. I hate to think the idea of actually putting the game down because this franchise has skyrocketed to become a franchise close to my heart. From the complexity of the story and characters to the message the game tries to portray, MGS3 is one of the best games I have ever played.

Both endings had me crying. But Final Fantasy X might take my place as the most beautiful game I've ever played. Although there are games which I can accept are better, there is just something about this game that just stands out above the others. From the lovable characters and their personal struggles, to the breathtaking story, the journey of FFX is one that I wish would be modernized for a new audience who are missing out on such a impactful story.

If you haven't yet played this then stop what you're doing and start playing this beautiful game. I cannot think of a better game which represents the villains and their motives to the extent of this one. The other best part about this game would have to be how the religious, psychological and political themes are presented within the game. This game was ahead of its time and it's an actual travesty how we can't play it on modern consoles.

Great game. Can't find a match, but crazy how I can spend hours making a character I want and don't feel tired afterwards.

Single handedly ended racism and world hunger with this bad boy, like come on, this absolute gem of a game takes you to places you could only dream of.