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You're telling me there are people out there who willingly spent $30 on this shit? For why?

This was definitely the second installment in the Just Dance Kids series

Loba with the fattest ass in gaming history 🥵🥵🥵

She could do whatever she wanted to me

This is single handily the greatest game I’ve played in a long time all of the references are great the story is intriguing and the action is spectacular there are some issues but the good vastly outweighs the bad

this game is pretty good at being just alr for a movie adaptation its rlly good

just the same as the old version with all dlc had so much fun getting the platinum trophy in this with my friend will hold this close to my heart forever

this is a great remaster of the old spyro games and I had a lot of fun playing them over quarantine

this is my second favourite season of twd games and nobody can tell me other wise