I fucking hate video games, they've ruined my life. I love playing on my phone tho.
Believe it or not, everything here is just my opinion, e tamo junto.
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Jun 23

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Jun 20

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Jun 18

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Jun 17

Shotgun Witch
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Jun 07

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Eternal Senia is one weird RPG Maker game, I literally just played it because it was free on steam, and it looked cool.
With a pretty unique combat mechanic (I've never seen it before, but I'm not as well versed in RPGs as I should), it shouldn't take you more than 4 hours to beat it, since there's no need for grinding, and you are always pretty up to date with your enemies, even on new areas and dungeons.
Story is surprisingly engaging, you genuinelly care for Senia and Magaletam and hope for the best (well...), the fairy is kinda boring tho. Not a remarkable experience overall, but a fun one for what it lasted.

For as much as I liked Post Void, I simply can't leave it a positive review, since it is deeply flawed; but bare in mind this is just my experience, as you can see in the steam page, it has overwermingly positive reviews, so that's just my 2 cents, and by no means I hated the game.
With a roguelike gameplay loop, you'll die, die and die, until you reach the 11th stage and finish the game, and everytime you die, die and die, you're sent back to stage 1, with a new level design. I personally hate roguelikes, and I believe Post Void would be god tier, if it offered a decent hand-crafted linear structured level design, with longer stages, just as hard as they are now, but without the need to replay the entire game again once you die. It is really frustrating when the algorithm decides to leave a long corridor with no enemies to regenerate you health in the last segment of a level, just for you to die in front of the ending portal, perhaps the game would be shorter, but so what?
Again, I'm just annoyed because this game really got on my nerves lol, but most people beat it in around 1 and a half hours, it just took me around 3 hours because I really suck at FPS smh, so you should be fine, the gameplay loop is undoubtedly addicting.
(and btw some seriously weird performance issues for such a simple game, especially in stage 3).

Indeed a short hike.
This is a very charming and short game, one of those you will play for a very short time (beat it in around an hour) and have a really good time. With a non-linear approach, there are many many things you can do in this small island, not necesseraly fun things, but things.
I might come back to this one to do some of the side content, but the terrible movement is definetely a redflag, the isometric view doesn't really match with a keyboard input, at least it didn't for me. Cried at the end.