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Feb 24

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Season: A Letter to the Future

Feb 13

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Feb 05

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- Well written dialogue with good characters who develop as they age alongside your character
- Great sci-fi worldbuilding, much of my enjoyment was just learning more about the alien planet and its ecosystems as you build up the colony
- Large variety of choices to really personalize your character and their traits from age 10 to 20, as well as letting you adjust your appearance and gender/pronouns whenever you like which was much appreciated
- The game’s deck card system is simple but makes for an interesting alternative to standard skill checks, and can adjust its difficulty to your liking
- Calming OST that doesn’t get in the way but greatly adds to the game’s atmosphere
- Incentive to replay due to the mechanic of remembering events from your past playthrough, which can open up even more choices (though I only did two full runs)
- As the game nears age 20, it can start to feel a bit aimless as you exhaust most unique events and kinda go through the motions til it ends a bit anticlimactically. But this probably depends on your story choices since there’s quite a few different endings

- Story has a lot of heart in how it handles its themes on mental health (if a bit sappy at times), with a particularly wonderful ending
- Lovely pixel style and very pleasant soundtrack
- Strong lead characters (Atma and Raya)
- Surreal fantasy in 90s Indonesia made for an interesting setting
- Multitude of small mini-games and (admittedly simple) puzzles helped add some variety to the gameplay
- You can pet and name a bunch of cats
- Much of the game is spent running back and forth through the same few areas looking for items to collect, which got a bit repetitive and slowed the pacing down

A short but very pleasant game about biking through a small valley, documenting its history and people to preserve for the future before the season ends and everything is swept away in a coming flood. The art style is lovely, and I was really into the meditative atmosphere with its focus on simply taking in the moment with photos and drawings. Tieng Valley is an interesting setting to explore for the time you spend in it, and I enjoyed that you’re free to go wherever you like once you arrive
If there’s one notable flaw it’d be performance since there’s quite a few FPS drops throughout that took me out of it a bit. Hopefully this can be patched but otherwise I really enjoyed it