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Animal Well
Animal Well

May 10

Hi-Fi Rush
Hi-Fi Rush

May 08

Another Crab's Treasure
Another Crab's Treasure

May 08

Baldur's Gate 3
Baldur's Gate 3

Apr 24

Misericorde: Volume One
Misericorde: Volume One

Apr 06

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Adding to the list of quality Metroidvanias lately, Animal Well is a largely vague game about a blob creature (?) that explores an atmospheric labyrinth with many secrets to find. There’s no combat save for avoiding occasional enemies and mainly focused on figuring out how to progress using the items you find throughout. The level design and platforming puzzles were well done and made clever use of all the mechanics, though were still straightforward enough that I wasn’t stuck on much for very long. The pixel art is really great too

Reaching credits took about 8 hours for me, but this also appears to be a game with a lot of hidden depth to it going off reviews and how much unexplained stuff I can still find (similar to Tunic it seems). Curious to see how much more you can get out of its postgame, but for the main content alone it’s well worth it

An interesting cross between a soulslike and a lighthearted 3D platformer. It’s clear where its influences lie and I kinda feel it rides the line between being inspired and just copying stuff (“The Sands Between” is not very subtle for instance), but for the most part it stands out as its own thing and enjoyable

It draws from many of FromSoft’s titles obviously (specifically Sekiro with the addition of parries and a stance meter which works well enough here), but the use of shells that give different stats and special abilities added a good amount of variety to combat despite being limited to just your fork. Can also make it into a hammer weapon by attaching shells to it which was cool

Aesthetically SpongeBob comes to mind along with Battle for Bikini Bottom in how it plays as a platformer, but that’s an easy comparison to make really (even has a Mr. Krabs costume you can wear). I thought Kril was a bit obnoxious past the whole playing as a crab novelty, but the sea world and dialogue were charming enough. It’s a surprisingly sizable game too, took about 20 hours to finish

What holds it back though is mainly a general lack of polish. Mechanically it doesn’t really match the refinement of its contemporaries, combat and platforming has an ever present feeling of jank to it that just gets more noticeable the longer you play. Numerous times I’ve gotten stuck on terrain, dodges or parries can be inconsistent to register, the camera tends to bug out especially when you’re often in enclosed areas, for some reason using the hammer would launch Kril into the air sometimes, occasionally the audio would cut out entirely unless I restarted the game, etc. I’ve heard performance is rough on console platforms also, but was mostly alright on Steam Deck for me so can’t really verify that. These are all things that can be improved with patches at least, so hopefully it gets more work there over time