This review contains spoilers

i think that this game was overall a pretty great experience, but there is a lot of things that I feel it misses the mark on. I did a similar playthrough as my original experience with undertale where I played through the game pacifist,then genocide.

for a game derivative of undertale, undertale yellow doesn't really understand why a lot of things in undertale are layed out the way they were. first off, I think it was very annoying how just because I didn't kill anyone, the game pretty much forced me into the true pacifist ending, It felt like the characters were just like dragging me to random places or keeping me in their town as the deputy even though I didn't like agree to it. even though I obviously would have, it took a lot of the decision making away from me and made me feel disconnected from the story, something undertale itself never struggled with. it actually made me pretty pissed at the ending when clover gives up their soul.

undertale yellow's characters were just unlikable for me, I think it was smart that in undertale, characters like undyne and papyrus are obsessed with capturing or killing you until you break through their preconceptions through your kindness and the lengths you will go not to kill them. never once in my first playthrough did I ever think about killing even one of these characters, but omg undertale yellow kinda did lol. Both ceroba and starlo make friends with you and are pretty nice to you the entire time until they realize they stand to benefit from outright murdering you and betray you immediately to take your soul. and these two take up so much time with their backstories and goals it overshadows your own quest and flowey just straight up disappears for the last part of the game. with ceroba planning to take your soul the entire time because you were pure of heart and didn't kill anyone (also dumb plotpoint) I just can't get behind the way that this game ended. clover shoulda bitch slapped her a tthe end she literally melted her own daughter and then tries to kill me to fix her. undertale gives you the option to hug asriel, but undertale yellow does not give you the option to hug ceroba clover just does it, which I straight up just wouldn't have done if I had the option. i think that moment sums up my opinion on this ending.

I think that something I love about the undertale is how lonely and sad the soundtrack can get especially in the first 4 areas with it kind of ramping up near the end. Undertale Yellow's soundtrack is still really really good, but that sense of loneliness and emotion is kind of gone, it goes from remixed ruins theme which is pretty good I think it works for an alt path, to a beautiful rendition of snowy once you leave the ruins. Which is a great track BUT I think that it is much much worse placement than the original, snowdin is my favorite area and the original song being simple and lonely is a great introduction to the underground as a whole undertale's soundtrack while being extremely catchy also gives you that same sense that the monsters have, they're making the best of what they have but they aren't happy. Undertale yellow's soundtrack is like BEAUTIFUL WINTER WONDERLAND OOOOOOOO. FUN DESERT EPIC COWBOY YEEHA. FUNKY MINE.

regardless of these opinions (there's more but I ain't making a video here it's a backloggd post) I think this game will stick with me for a long time I just needed to vent about the things I didn't like about this game.

Reviewed on Mar 28, 2024