Sam Barlow has been inovating in interactive narratives in amazing ways for a long time does not get enough credit. I think since Silent Hill Shattered Memories (which is masterpiece in storytelling) he has been introducing amazing ideas in new ways on how to tell a story.
Most of the end of the year awards always have a "narrative" category, but they always seem to award the experiences that try their hardest to be as close as possible to the cinematic language. Which is unfortunate, because video games can much more than that, exemplified by Immortality.
The game is excellent and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in interactive storytelling.
I still have some minor complaints that do not impact much the experience:
- there is bunch of scenes that are too long and dont add much
- the random aspect on how the interactive elements unlock new scenes makes for a lot of repetition (maybe the algorithm should prioritize new scenes)

Reviewed on Mar 12, 2023