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Luckily for me I joined a bit later and a bunch of the port problems were solved, not all mind you so take care when gettin it on PC.
I played past UNI games and well... This is just more of that, after playing a bunch of fighting games that left a sour taste in my mouth, this game feels refreshing, this is what I want in this genre, more moves routes, good level of accessibility not compromising the skill ceiling, amazing game give it a shot it's fun

Loved the vibes, aesthetics mechanics, everything but it feels a bit pretentious in some areas, a great homage to the king's field series and I loved the experience quite a lot, but it didn't hit quite the mark for me.
Large arsenal of both magic and weapons to choose from and the way some stats work is delightful

Schizo silly girl simulator with more things to do, albeit short, the game is fantastic and I'd love a 3rd part even though the topic at hant would be hard to work on in longer works properly