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stanley liked pushing buttons

taking everything that people have learned about this sort of genre, overwhelmingly well-trodden at this point, and applying it to poker. i didn't think it'd be compelling in its simplicity but the formula is the formula for a reason. invest your time at your own peril.

One of my friends is Sucking the wheel of enormous proportions off I swear

During the first minutes of playing this game I was very excited, delighting in the idea of exploring an infinite maze and learning about the people who once travelled through it, knowing that I enjoyed this concept in other works like Borges' The Library of Babel or even the Submachine game series. And by showcasing real works of art in all of its rooms it could also almost serve as a virtual musem tour.

But in the process of learning the labyrinth's rules I quickly started seeing how this idea was limited by its own tech. There are invisible ticking clocks that will limit your exploration, cutting off access to previous rooms or stopping you from visiting new ones, and by this alone the dream of wandering endless halls and wondering about who created and nurtured them is shattered; you are only there because you have a purpose, and you are not allowed to consider your surroundings very much.

And the random nature with which the same objects or backgrounds are found in different rooms, making them feel like copies of each other even though you only visit a few amount of them in each run, takes some charm away from it too.
In the end, while exploring some minor leads and very deliberately ignoring the Main One, regardless I was thrown onto the ending with no way of going back (as you can't really tell what the consequences of your actions will be), and while I could restart the game and explore more I chose to leave it there.

If you ask for the "Alucart Burger" at McDonald's they'll actually let you into the Inverted Play Place

i've written this review multiple times and each time I've somehow lost my writing... it has been a few months spent enamored with baldurs gate three and audio dramas, but let's try a third time!!

a very cute little game with unexpectedly emotional moments! i quickly came to love (and worry for) its unique and entertaining characters. plus it was all wonderfully queer! it was fun to vibe with.

seeing the slight differences in the loops also felt satisfying. the effectiveness of timeloop repetition surprised me - while at times it felt a bit boring or frustrating, it puts you directly into sif's experience... so i think it still did what it set out to do. it's a cool way to emulate lived experience and there's an understanding of mental health that i didn't anticipate. it was well worth the four hour playthrough.

i don't know if i will pick up the full game, however. the short playtime felt perfectly suited to its message and i think repeating dungeons and dialogue for much longer would eventually lose my attention. ...i do have adhd, though. others might really enjoy it!

Immaculate vibes, man!

I will always have New Leaf as my preferred Animal Crossing game, but after playing this for a bit I really respect the origins of the series. Sure, its more simple, more rough around the edges. But that makes it interesting! It may not have the endless content of New Leaf, but its got a unique feel, I respect that.

I will definitely be playing this more. I may write more detailed thoughts once I play a lot more.

played a round with my gf and here's my notes:
-too many non-disney related questions
-I unlocked a "lilo and stich themed costume" for donald and it was just him with sunglasses
+has clarabelle cow

conclusion: goes crazy if you're 5 years old

There is absolutely nothing like Illbleed.

Illbleed is an absolute achievement. Bonkers. Wild as hell. Absolutely unpredictable in everything its doing. Designed to entertain and fuck with you to a degree I haven't seen a horror comedy joint ever really quite do and only really in the way that a video game can.

Illbleed is a reminder of the kinds of things only video games as a medium can do in the ways in which they interact and interface with the player and the way the player interacts and interfaces with the game. You could adapt The Last of Us, Dead Space, God of War and Final Fantasy XV into a series or film or something. You could NOT adapt Illbleed into anything else.

You could not remake Illbleed and get the same result. You could not make a sequel to Illbleed and have it work the same at all. This is a culmination of absolutely deranged ideas all culminating into a beautiful package at one specific time by one specific team at one specific moment. This shit is special.

Illbleed frankly is fuckin peak. The more I played the more I fell in absolute love with it. It trolled me, it baffled me, it knocked me on my ass and every twist and turn had me waiting for where the fuck this thing was gonna go next.

Sorry to be vague but you should really just play it for yourself and see what this has to offer. I want people who experience it to have the raw experience I had with it. I really wish there was some Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind type procedure so I could wipe my memory and play this shit fresh cause it is such a transcendent and wild experience. I will absolutely never forget it. Don't be afraid to use a guide if ya need to, it's absolutely worth experiencing.

Make sure ya invest in them worm stocks alright?

This is definitely a game that exists. The ideas and mechanics are cool, but the actual execution itself is quite mediocre. Not to mention the story and characters are pretty whatever. Gets better towards the end at least. A cool novelty, but ultimately, not really anything special.