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I really like the art style of the game but the driving is so bad, the day/night system is so bad, the game is repetitive and the AI is so incredibly unfair and so stupid at the same time.
There is also a lot of sections where it tries to educate you about racism against one group then those same characters are being racist themselves. There is literally a line about Asian food being gross and weird because they eat different things. Very weird honestly.
Time played: 18H

it starts of so good and becomes soooo bad. Which is a shame because it is the best game story wise and mechanics wise it just becomes so repetitive and turns into a modern day assassins creed game, almost every mission is the same with the same setup. really disappointing.
12H 33M played

barely a remaster and there are quite a bit of visual and performance bugs but holy moly i dont think i have ever played a more racist game than this, basically the only slur not said was the n word
9H 47M Time played