Ame is an amusing character and all the number manipulating activities to keep her happy and not a complete mindbroken mess had a weird pull over me for a bit. I was determined to do my best for her. There's some morbid humor in here and your mileage will vary heavily, but then there's stuff like sponsorship streams going to shit, which did get me laughing. Some of these endings require build up to stay above or below certain thresholds by a certain date though, and after a smattering of different ends I wasn't interested in reloading for the rest. Did appreciate the Space Runaway Ideon reference and had to get that achievement at least.

I'd have a hard time faulting anyone for bouncing off this but I enjoyed all fifty-whatever hours I spent with it. Constructing ziplines around snowy mountains, delivering pizzas, cutting umbilical cords of sci-fi ghosts, Guillermo del Toro's shower convo, the "I'm Fragile ... but I'm not that fragile" line - Death Stranding is an overdose of Kojima, but it's goofy, entertaining, and occasionally even touching. Incredible art design too. Keep on keepin' on.

Shooting mechanics are nice and crunchy, with an especially satisfying quad-barreled shotgun to paint rooms red with. Enemy variety leaves an awful lot to be desired though, and death is meaningless thanks to the bizarre inclusion of a Bioshock-esque respawn chamber that pops you right back out once you go down. Did not regret my time here, but outside of the aforementioned shotgun, I won't remember any of this in a few months.