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It's a little more than a generic infinite runner? it at least uses 2D platforming and looks like LittleBigPlanet. It's nothing special though.

People really weren't joking when they said this game improves upon the original in every way. Gameplay-wise master chief’s movement feels significantly better, vehicles are actually controllable, and levels now consist of more than one repeated room. Aside from being super fun, Dual wielding weapons also brings in significantly more strategy to your gameplan for every level. You have to pay far more attention to your ammo levels, and making calls on what weapon to use when ends up being pretty important. Now that levels consist of more than one room, finding where you need to go has been made much easier, meaning nearly all frustrations I had with the first game have been dealt with in this one. Story-wise Halo 2 is also better in every conceivable way, which made me much more interested in the game during my playthrough. The original Halo’s story definitely had some interesting aspects to it, but I felt it wasn't particularly well told. Cutscenes were basic as well as few and far between, there was only a very small number of speaking characters, and the dialogue was often pretty cheesy. Halo 2 definitely does have its fair share of cheesy dialogue, but now there are real cutscenes all over the place, some real characters with actual depth, and even more crazy and cool scifi concepts explored. The cinematography in this game has also been massively improved over the original. I still get chills from watching that opening cutscene of master chief planting the covenant bomb. It also helps that the graphics are significantly better than the original, and fairly impressive for the Xbox. It's really hard for me to believe sometimes that Halo and Halo 2 even came out on the same system. My two complaints with this game is that, one, I don't particularly enjoy running through narrow, dark, crowded corridors filled with enemies that run straight at me and can 2 shot me (especially when one of the playable characters doesn't have a flashlight), and i'd say this game features a few too many levels with that structure. Two, the story ends really abruptly and out of nowhere on a fairly major cliffhanger. All said and done however, I think halo 2 is easily one of the best first person shooters ever made. It did everything the first game wasn't capable of, and I believe it's taught me why this series is so widely loved.

Everynow and then I stumble across a game so great that I'm at a loss for what to write as a review, so this won't exactly be a traditional review. I’m writing this about 10 or so minutes after finally beating Halo 3 and completing the original halo trilogy. I won't go into too much of an in-depth review for this game because I feel there is not much more praise I can give to it gameplay-wise that I didn't already give to Halo 2.

Wow this is the perfect ending to this amazing trilogy. It's incredible that with every subsequent game the story just kept on getting better and better. It was amazing to see the technology and design behind every aspect of these games just keep on advancing through every release. Every step of the way this game’s universe just kept on expanding more and more, until ultimately culminating in this incredible final battle for the fate of everything within it. I absolutely loved the feeling of unity felt in Halo 3. Teaming up with all of your former enemies at one point or another to aid a greater cause was incredible, and I especially loved that the covenant never ended up being a 100% evil, brainwashed, or crazy race of villains. There's overall a strong sense of hopefulness found within this game. It’s a very refreshing difference from many other edgy and cruel first person shooter games, even from the first two Halo games at times. Ultimately I believe this not only to be one of the best FPS games ever made, but probably one of the best video games of all time.

A genuinely garbage game. I hope you don't like momentum because this game does everything in its power to make sure you can never build it up at all costs. Most of the game is dysfunctional because it relies on motion controls that don't work. This is one of the worst games I have ever played.

Sorry for the short review, but I'm tired of explaining why mediocre games are mediocre. I'm saving my energy for something worth my time. This game will break your Nintendo DS touchscreen.

As a huge fan of the original Paper Mario 64, it is an immense disappointment that I can't seem to enjoy the sequel. Of course, some of the changes are unmitigated successes - combat is more engaging, more strategic, and more fun. The writing is often charming and funny, although there's a lot more generic speech in The Thousand Year Door. The new settings are beautiful and inventive. However, locales and elocution are not what make a game great.

Exploring the levels is exhausting. Mario's movement speed is slow, and goodies are often completely hidden in order to prompt the player to comprehensively canvas every inch of floor space. Most of the levels are either hallways or mazes, with pipes used to disorienting effect. In the remake this problem balloons from inelegant to ponderous, with a low framerate, menu input stutters, and fixed-speed dialogue. On top of this, every new ability is accompanied by an excruciating tutorial.

Partners are largely one-dimensional archetypes, lacking even the rudimentary characterization that 64 offered. The Peach interludes are now regressive filler that really drives home how flavorless and dull the bad guys are. Is there any trope more played-out than a computer asking "what is love?" Chapter 3, where I am terminating this playthrough, is a great example of this game's dichotomy. You are introduced to a charming, glamorous WWE arena and tasked with fighting a sequence of boring generic enemies in a row. It's not unlike the whiplash I felt when I stumbled across the mysterious Pit of 100 Trials beneath the city streets, only to discover that it's just a repetitious, tedious combat challenge.

I really wanted to like this game, and I had hoped that the remake would elevate my experience. Instead, it's a mix of upgrades and downgrades (why is the new music so aggressive?) that took a game I felt ambivalent about and solidified my dislike.

Drawn out in all the worst ways, final dungeon is a miserable time. So many cool early dungeons for such a lack luster finish.

In many ways (battle system, character writing, soundtrack) even better than Remake in all the ways that game excelled and I fuckin' loved Remake.
That said there's a degree of content bloat that makes it a less tight-feeling experience than the prior game.

you can see why days gone sucks when you realize that its from the same developers of this shit



[review from 2022] The first time I came across this game was on GOG when they were having a sale on some of the old games, including the Myst series. I was curious about what it was about but never gotten interested in the series until I watch a video from Adumplaze and wanted to play it myself. This is a game that requires a LOT of patience. The puzzles are certainly not easy to figure out, but once you’re able to solve it and get the hang of it, it is extremely rewarding. There were a few times where I got stuck in two of the worlds (or Ages as they’re called) and had to resort to looking up what to do from a walkthrough. There’s no doubt that a lot of passion when into not only the environments for Age and each puzzle, but also the world of Myst and its characters. I would recommend playing this game as your first entry to the series, although I think any of the later tiles in the series, like Riven or Myst 3, would be a better starting point than the first game since they improve on a lot of things over Myst 1. Also, if you were to play Myst 1, I would probably recommend the realMyst version over the original Myst, although I haven’t played that version yet to compare the two versions of Myst 1. Anyway, realMyst replaces the slideshow screenshots from the original version with a 3D world to explore, and might be a better experience for you despite the recent Masterpiece edition of realMyst that changed the original graphics with more “modern” and “realistic” graphics for the 3D world. I haven’t played the sequels yet, but I definitely look forward to trying them out when I get the chance.

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