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Man, what happened to you?

TF2 was once the GOAT of multiplayer class based FPS(s), I have terrific memories of the game centred around playing frequently with small communities on dedicated community servers.

Since its launch it has had a series of changes of focus which have almost entirely altered how the game plays, how people engage with it, and even what the purpose of playing is.

Been dropping into it over the last couple of days and damn, alot of those changes were not for the better. The move away from community hosted servers means you're almost constantly playing against randos and the population of bots - putting it generously - is not insignificant. What servers do exist, are sparcely populated playing heavily modified game mods or are just for farming items.

The changes to the gameplay through item updates actually added alot of dynamic changes to each class (sometimes making the higher skill focused classes like Scout more approachable), but has ultimately resulted in an item/economy based grinding loop that detracts from the actual gameplay. The changes also gradually began to erode the consistent aesthetic the game strived for.

It's a shame, because even now there is clearly a lot of love for the game in what remains of the community, in its peak for me; this was a 4+ star game. These days, it feels like a cheap abandonware FPS.

Some kind of TF2C would be very welcome.

An unsetting eldritch abomination investigation and dog owned business patron simulation game. Each iteration of the game works through 5 individual (but sometimes interlinking) mysteries that have numerous endings each. Off the top of my head, there's something like twenty mysteries in total - each have different focuses and settings, some use the entire town, others specific locations. Some are more decision/problem solving, some are combat orientated.

Has a good roster of characters to pick from and let's be frank, that aesthetic has been absolutely NAILED. It's on-point, from the art style and analog aesthetic to the soundtrack - the vibes are exactly what they need to be.

The shortcomings come in the form of the choices in investigation, there are unchanging good/bad outcomes, in-contrast to the individual RNG/Skill check based decisions during events. This means, generally once you're rocking and rolling you'll be gunning for the better outcomes. It just kinda feels undynamic.

If you're any kind of fan of Junji Ito or Lovecraft era weird fiction connoisseur (and I am!) you'll be repeatedly doing the Leonardo DiCaprio pointing meme, until you've seen everything and get salty over a failed skill check.

I'm also told there's a decent amount of user made content, but I have yet to dabble. This is a game that I'll probably keep revisiting when I've got a swift hour to kill.

Cautious recommend to those who think they would like it.

Competent boomer shooter, but can feel very samey as time passes on. Entirely sure the last 2 areas are just quake maps, but overall feels like it lacks an identity of it's own.

Option to put the music in midi mode is brave and cool.