An ambitious game that straddles genres, it's quite impressive for the Saturn. Charming sprites, voice acting, and even small 3D sections and CGs, the game has a lot going for it. It incorporates minigames well, not forcing you to participate in them but rewarding you for doing so; in fact, it's part of the interplay between the VN and SRPG segments. Treating the characters well and keeping them in a good mood improves their abilities in combat, incentivizing you to be kind and caring, and making it believable that they all end up liking you. The music is also really good, so overall there's a lot to like!

However, the game has some significant flaws. The VN sections can sometimes be too short, not allowing enough time to interact with the characters; the final boss is awful and requires multiple restarts and I had to RNG scum for crits in the emulator; and the combat overall is weak and unchallenging for the rest of the game. Still, a good experience overall and definitely worth playing.

Kohran Li my beloved

Reviewed on Jun 13, 2023


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