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A true hidden gem of game, has some of the most fun mini games and multiplayers.
Jack is a literal himbo and I love him

Yo can we get this ported with good Netcode? Thanks, B.

This is my favorite game of all time. It’s a multiplayer, free for all, beat em up made by Platinum. It is pretty much the antithesis of any multiplayer game out right now. Instead of a live service game with micro transactions, it is one whole product with a couple extra gimmick modes and an extra character as cheap DLC (That character is Bayonetta). Instead of being made and balanced for competitive esports, it’s a battle royale that feels more like a game of Mario Party due to the sheer amount of random things that can happen. You may be comboing some poor guy into oblivion, but the next moment you may be interrupted by the debris of a plane crash falling out of the sky, or you might need to “team up” with everyone else to take down a kraken attacking the whole stage. Also the characters are great. Best cast of characters of any game I’ve ever played. Not a single loser in the bunch. Only downside is that no one actually plays it anymore so any matches in the future will be against a bunch of bots.