I’ve heard The Insert Credit boys, Thorhighheels and more talk about the joys of cavia’s jank, but this is my first exposure. Beat Down oozes a misplaced gritty style reminiscent of over the top Hong Kong gangster flicks but set in a SoCal type location that looks like a NY type location.

The meat and potatoes here are punches and cusses. Every character, both male and female, spouts tough guy fucks and shits.

The punching is jank. You have 5 different punchers to choose from when starting a new game. Your chosen puncher then punches their way through quests across this small interconnected world of hubs that is Las Sombras.

Campy japanese gang warfare mixed with gritty over the type street warfare violence. Good stuff.

The actual 1v1 combat is clunky and took me a while to get used to. Certain opponents felt cheap. They wouldnt act at all while i was blocking, but would atart their attack combos the instant i released the button such that their moves would connect before i had a chance to connect with mine.

This is a first impression, and i doubt i will finish it. But there is fun to be had here.

Mad fun. Proximity chat will be the new hot feature across games if it isn’t already

It's still Quake, baby. Runs very well on modern systems. Feels great with a gamepad. Deathmatch servers are still around. Despite me not having finished it yet, the new campaign by MachineGames is very very good.

I really wanted to like Weird West. I think it wanted to be too many things. The "immersive sim" elements are there, but don't feel fleshed out. Meanwhile, the combat is frantic and difficult. I never felt like the game would let me execute any sort of dynamic plan I had in my head.

It's not a bad game.


Soma is a fantastic adventure/psychological-horror game from one of the best studios in the realm. I played w/ "story mode" enabled (where the monsters can't really kill you) and it was still stressful.

Where Soma shines is in its story, writing, and environment. The visuals are quite good, but definitely not revolutionary. I found myself deeply caring for the few characters by the time credits rolled.

Great game, would recommend. Warning: if you're easily susceptible to existential dread, maybe steer clear ;)

The Something Rotten podcast inspired me to give this a go. Killer 7 bursts with ideas. Games are seldom this whacky, let-alone games out of studios like Capcom. It was a different time.

I haven't finished it yet, but the gameplay is still approachable all these years later.

An exceptional "remaster" -- very little changed. Just increased the resolution of some textures, improved a few special effects, and improved some of the face models. All the camp was intact. It's the exact same game. Still great :)

If you ignore the quirks of 90s adventure games by referring to a walkthrough after getting stuck, this is a masterpiece. I cant remember the last time a game conveyed such a convincing sense of place. The art, quippy dialogue, and especially the voice acting are all immaculate.

Ive been searching for the same high ever since.

A great boomer shooter. Not as fondly regarded as Quake, but I think it brings a lot to the table.

Sometimes a game is more than the sum of its parts. The only thing that would make this game genuinely better is snappier dialog editing. What’s there is great, but sometimes the pacing and pauses between speakers ruins the vibes.

Max Payne still rules. At times it can be a little difficult and repetitive, but the bullet-time, campy plot, and cinematic flair make it a must play.

Ok, I've really only played half an hour and am partway through the second level (aka the first 'real' level) and it's just a blast. I never played these games back in the day, but I played other games of the age. But this? This is the most polished, quality-of-life-stuffed, easy to play game I think i've touched on the ps2. Period. And it's only the 2nd game in the series.

Ok, this game is basically trash. Very basic combat. Bland level designs. A shotgun whose description says something like "deadly up close" and takes at least two shots at point blank to kill the most basic cannon fodder.

After jumping around through the first level you will notice the limitations of the character controller logic. Jumps are laggy after landing due to waiting for the "land" animation to complete. Using any of your abilities feels nonresponsive. You can basically get through the first several levels with only the basic chains and clever strafing and jumping.

It's... Bad.

I played this mostly on my steam deck. I gotta tell ya, it is fuckin' hard to play an intense game like this on the deck that requires this much joystick nuance. I have also clocked a few sessions on my desktop with an xbox elite 2 controller which is a much better experience.

As for the game itself: Love the art direction. Love the level design. Love the core game loop.

I haven't finished it yet, but I think I would like this game more if it had more of an in-your-face story rather than a plot revealed in a gone-home-esque way where info is revealed through letters and other artifacts sprinkled throughout an environment. Or maybe it would be better with no story at all. I don't know why I'm yammering on about the story, it really doesn't detract from the experience. But I can't help but feel that something extra there might have elevated the experience.

Overall: very fun highscore action game that will put your skills to the limit.