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I bought an arcade stick to play this game better. It was worth it.

after hearing tons of stuff about sierra games being bullshit this was surprisingly playable, I did use a guide but it wasn't that often. definitely fits into the b movie camp but I won't be caught dead complaining about that. I'll be honest I mostly played this one because the second one looks really fascinating, but I enjoyed this one for what it was. The 3d backgrounds with the live action sprites and the music that sounds chiptune half the time gave such an engaging (albeit unintentional) dissonance, i think it could be done well purposefully. also something I found out apparently adrian's outfit is like that because the actress showed up on set one day dressed like that and the director decided to make that the attire of the character, i am infinitely curious of what her original outfit was supposed to be. this is one of those games where you'll know if you'll enjoy it so there's really no point in telling you why or why not you shouldn't.

Took me way too long to beat this, the early and end game were super fun. I lost interest in the middle of the game. Tartarus is pretty atrocious as the game goes on, the same dungeon just reskinned for about 300 levels just gets stale. However as the fusions get more interesting and you're grinding end game stuff it's nice that the dungeons are so predictable. The ending is awesome so it kind of makes up for any other issues I have with the game.

Persona 3 has some of the best character writing of any video game ive ever played. All of the characters have their own ways of dealing with the events of their past, present and future. The fact that the party really doesnt like each other for most of the game and have constant passive aggressive arguments and clashings is such an interesting dynamic you never seem to see, with it even leaking into the gameplay with things like Junpei running off on his own sometimes. Which brings me to my only real complaint which is the fact you cant control your party members. Its not as bad as people say, since there are lots of command options you can utilize to influence the characters ai, it can definitely get annoying especially since the MC is the only one who can use items. Persona from this game onwards makes a name for itself by having both dungeon crawling and daily life management, and as the series first attempt at the latter it is a little lazy with every day you do a social link, and every night you always raise you stats/visit tartarus with very few exceptions. Despite all this complaining like i said the writing is just so impressive it easily makes this game worth experiencing ((until reload)).