The same as the first one: it got me hooked then totally lost me. The path forward is too cryptic and the backtracking is not fun.

Being a god is... boring as hell, right?

I think the worst part of this is the research. There's no way to increase the speed, making everything dull and slow. The lack of challenge and the crazy UFO black market thing made me sad as well.

A game that's the definition of "meh"

someone recommended this to me but I don't do well with roguelikes

I all started with "well, let me spend some minutes trying this one." 7 hours later I'm finished, baffled.

I never thought I'd recommend a game because it's based on LINGUISTICS, but here we are, hugs and kisses to Ferdinand de Saussure.

The beautiful graphics and music together with the compelling narrative and fun mechanics makes this a must play for anyone that enjoys both languages and puzzles.

(Also, the whole "Babel tower" setting is chef's kiss)

VERY FUN, I hope I pick it up again

I played the first one and enjoyed. This one is kinda of more of the same, so I'll eventually pick it up again later.

Too much religion -- I mean, W40K, right?

Great puzzle game, a new take on the genre. Amazing art (although unsettling) and interesting plot. Because of the storytelling system, some information is lost but if you think hard (and you will need to do it), you'll eventually understand who's who.

Very interesting and graphically nice idle game (I do enjoy them), but not enticing enough for me to see an ending.

How a game like this can keep me TUNED IN for it's entirety, making me shiver and question and be surprised, in ONE sitting? Again, Wadjet Eye bringing us fans of the genre the best of the best.

I swear I tried. I did try. About three times. It just... didn't click.

Even though I loved every SteamWorld game so far, this one didn't make the cut.

Very interesting so far, but with quite a few bugs. I eagerly await for the release so I can play it properly.

Interesting tactical game but not for my moment.

Absolute banger. Amazing Commandos-like combat, and great characters with special quirks. A must-play if you enjoy these kinds of games... and a sad good-bye letter from Mimimi Games — capitalism destroying good potentials once again.