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This was a great improvement over the first game which was already very good itself. The game really treats you like you have already played the first one so it very quickly starts adding more unit types and complex mechanics so the challenge is much greater (even on casual, I was fighting for my life in the last few stages). Having more diverse level design and objectives is a great thing in a game like this and kept me hooked plaything through the 34 mission campaign, which is also much longer than the original. You also get to play as the COs from the other armies for lots of the game, plus there are more additions so you have some fun different playstyles. The remake is very good and I love the art design of the COs and the map (I still don't like the battle animations though).

A precision platformer with a cute visual design and music, it doesn’t go too far with adding new mechanics but still finds a way to have a nice level of challenge. Fans of this type of game will have a good time but if you aren’t into them I don’t think this would change your mind, though the robot is pretty awesome so maybe!

I would have ended myself if I played this without save states....