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Boyfriend Dungeon

Feb 09

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Haven't played the original so I can't compare there but I really enjoyed this, definitely more than the first Kiwami. I am very much into this series' whole deal even when I don't love the combat (often!) or certain storytelling elements (the way women are depicted as well as Korean and Chinese people). It's a flawed game that I had a great time with! Also I have a crush on Kiryu

When this started with the suicide hotline number I thought, "ah, I'm no doubt in for a thoughtful and nuanced depiction of mental illness!"

At one point there's a scene where the main character freaks out about her follower count and people commenting, like, "no sexy pics no followers!!!" and i refuse to believe no one on the dev team said "hey is this stupid? is this fucking stupid you guys?"

I thought it was kind of fun for a solid 2 hours, in a "mindless open world game to play while listening to podcasts" way, but oh my god is it annoying. Full of baffling decisions, boring combat, a morality system that's stupid even by the standards of video game morality systems, etc etc etc. I enjoy garbage from time to time but, like, fast-food-empty-calorie-type garbage and not actual slop from the dumpster