This review contains spoilers

This has been my favorite game since I played it as a kid. Love absolutely everything about it. From birthing my favorite video game character ever in The Arbiter, the civil war, The (imo) series best character arcs, exploring more into the verse, easily some of the best music from a video game ever (the whole franchise tbh), and incredible vocal performances from everyone involved. Keith David I love you.

Good game, but in usual bethesda fashion, its just missing some simple things that could make it truly great. Modding Community is gonna have to pick up the pieces again for Tod Howard like usual.

As a man with an excruciating fear of deep open ocean, but loves it at the same time, this game makes me feel things like no other game ever could.

Just one of those game you HAVE to play. A simple classic through and through

Play this Co-op its infinitely better that way

Might be the most fun I've ever had playing Co-op. Simple fun action with a simple, easy to understand upgrade system along with a bunch of fun weapons. And bruh the back to back's??? peak. PLEASE if you play this do it Co-op with a GOOD friend, it makes the experience so much better.