Air Twister

Air Twister

released on Jun 24, 2022
by Ys Net

Air Twister

released on Jun 24, 2022
by Ys Net

Soar through the sky battling against invaders in this all-new fantasy endless shooter from legendary game creator, Yu Suzuki. Players will assume the role of Princess Arch fighting back against bizarre invaders to save their planet from destruction. They’ll rain down their homing arrows to trace graceful arcs of light across beautiful, artfully crafted stages, before they pierce their foes. With a fun and easy touchscreen swipe-shooting gameplay mechanic, the destiny of the planet is in the player’s hands.

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What a bizarre thing.

Being reductive, it's weirdo Space Harrier... But also, it's weirdo Space Harrier (with a dash of Panzer Dragoon). It somehow feels like a bunch of premade video game assets were bought, thrown into a blender, and shot out randomly at the screen, but also oddly cohesive in its art direction. Almost every single single element from the bonkers rock opera soundtrack to laser shooting giant enemy crabs feel like they're butting their heads against each other, but the simplistic yet addictive gameplay and a billion unlocks feels strangely satisfying in that old, Sega-like way. It somehow just works.

Honestly, I'm tempted to give it a perfect score, but I found some of the hard hitting attacks and bullets a little hard to avoid at times due to the overload of information on screen. Definitely recommended to lovers of old Sega rail shooters and people that like their video games a little weird.

Muy buen juego arcade sobre raíles del creador de Shenmue con gran banda sonora

Peculiar fantastico-surrealistic aesthetic, railshooter, sometimes seems lack of polish, Queen-ish rock opera soundtrack, Space Harrier vibes, a lot of content but many of them are barely necessary, videogame icon, colorful, a bit of Panzer Dragon...this mixed bag may be seems kinda weird but it's result a game fun to play and great to listen. Sometimes I launch it for its musics, other times for the stress-free shoot experience, every time a nice trip. I enjoyed unlock all contents and played various game modes. And I definetely like the bosses intro. This is an excellent 80's arcade feeling experience without taboo made by a videogame legend. May appears a bit weird, a bit crazy, but so much passion and love in it !

The grandaddy of rail shooters is back! His breath stinks, he's got no budget and he can't stop posting on Facebook.

While Yu Suzuki may never slide into my DMs, he certainly slid into the inbox of Queen-inspired Dutch musician Valensia. (Like for real, Yu Suzuki asked him if he'd like to soundtrack his new game over Facebook). Game is filled with over-indulgent rock opera nonsense and I can't help but love that nonsense. Whether or not it is quality music, I cannot say, but it's certainly memorable.

From a gameplay standpoint, Air Twister is by-the-books railshooting. Nothing that will particularly rock your world, but a steady and sure throwback to a niche genre. It's greatest success within this genre is ensuring its levels and worlds are bizarre and exciting. Rail shooters are often journeys through strange worlds, a visual treat of vistas, badlands and starry skies. With Air Twister, you will not be able to predict what happens next, each new level a surreal space concluding with some of the most freakish boss monsters I've seen in a long time. Game is a psychadelic trip, but from someone who smokes weed yet hasn't taken mushrooms.

Double-down on this with a progression system that reveals the games bizarrely deep lore and story (the skeleton dragons you fight in Level 2 are a father and his twin children. obviously), and you have a game that is certianly filled with a lot of reverence and passion. In spite of this passion, the game can feel a bit unfinished. A fast-forward button persists in cutscenes, some stages appear twice and as brilliant as that soundtrack is, songs get repeated, are sometimes in sync with the level and the whole thing can start to grate after repeated play sessions.

Air Twister is a labour of love. Yet, not the kind of serene romantic love you'd usually think of. This game is a big sloppy kiss from your smelly grandad, and you should be thankful for his love.

I had thought Yu Suzuki was an infallible genius, but it turns out he likes Queen...

Un viaje. Buena música, estilo artístico y opciones de customización.