Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

released on Feb 13, 2024

Hunt ghosts as two memorable characters in a story driven Action-RPG where your decisions have dramatic consequences. Solve haunting cases and battle supernatural forces combining Antea’s spiritual powers and Red’s arsenal.

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Dålig combat dålig/ointressant story och linjärt

Really enjoyed this one, went into it not expecting too much (because of some of the reviews I've seen) but was pleasantly surprised.
For starters, this game is beautiful. There's something really lovely about the setting and way the world is presented, so it's very nice to look at.
The combat does let the game down, unfortunately, as it's very basic and repetitive. So, I did get to the point where I was going through areas hoping not to encounter any combat, which is a shame.
But if you look past the combat, the story is enthralling. It doesn't do anything groundbreaking, it's just a story about the two main characters endless love for one another, and what they'll do for it.

Will definitely replay this to explore the other choices throughout the game.


Tudo e muito lindo, os gráficos, direção de arte, personagens e a fotografia das cinematics. ta doido. Amei a premissa da história, e essa coisa da gente decidir quem e o culpado nas historias muito do bacana. A dinâmica entre o Red e a Antea e apaixonante, e verdadeira, uma das melhores coisas do jogo. Em questão de gameplay, achei o combate maneiro, e o sistema de exploração e evolução tbm, mas por algum motivo pro final do meio do jogo eu dei uma broxada muito boa, fiquei bem preguiça de jogar mesmo, só que a história me segurou.

Vale a pena.

Great story with simple yet awesome combat. Loved helping the people of New Eden with their ghostly problems by finding clues and exploring the land, uncovering more and more of the story behind the main issue of the land. I did a few side things but focused on the main story and it still took over twenty hours, this game can easily take up a lot of your time, in a good way!

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La gran sorpresa del año. Don’t Nod vuelve a dar en el clavo con una trágica historia oscura de amor, fantasmas y maldiciones. Aprendiendo de lo que funcionó bien (y no tan bien) en Vampyr, Banishers: Ghosts of Eden es a todas luces una clara evolución de la fórmula del juego de vampiros. Y si os gustó Vampyr, os enamorará Banishers.

God of War meets the order with a little bit of souls.
Very good game. Nice gameplay, very good story and characters.
Graphics are also very good and doesn't have huge problems on PC.

The main problem of the game is that theres no variaety of enemies. youll figth the same type of enemies until the end of the game.

But overall everything about the game is good enough.