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Tudo e muito lindo, os gráficos, direção de arte, personagens e a fotografia das cinematics. ta doido. Amei a premissa da história, e essa coisa da gente decidir quem e o culpado nas historias muito do bacana. A dinâmica entre o Red e a Antea e apaixonante, e verdadeira, uma das melhores coisas do jogo. Em questão de gameplay, achei o combate maneiro, e o sistema de exploração e evolução tbm, mas por algum motivo pro final do meio do jogo eu dei uma broxada muito boa, fiquei bem preguiça de jogar mesmo, só que a história me segurou.

Vale a pena.

La gran sorpresa del año. Don’t Nod vuelve a dar en el clavo con una trágica historia oscura de amor, fantasmas y maldiciones. Aprendiendo de lo que funcionó bien (y no tan bien) en Vampyr, Banishers: Ghosts of Eden es a todas luces una clara evolución de la fórmula del juego de vampiros. Y si os gustó Vampyr, os enamorará Banishers.

- Great ambientation
- Immersive world atmosphere
- Beautiful game
- Nice history
- Good characters
- Combat is bad
- Exploration is a great deception, walk to discovery secret places to find the same items that you always find in any part of the map
- Good side quests

Nothing frustrates me more lately than decent games plagued with all the unnecessary bloat from those "AAA" titles, games with decent ideas, stories, settings, characters, but terrible pacing hurt by the decisions to make the game 5 times longer than it should be.

Banishers is one of those games for me, and as much as I want to like it, I just can't fully enjoy it, because it feels like it just WANTS to waste my time.
This is an obvious AA game trying to do so much, but for what.

It has a great premise, great characters, interesting story, nice visuals, atmosphere, etc. But did it really need to have a painfully weak and basic gear system, upgrades, souls-like stats, witcher-senses, gathering resources, currencies, cleansing totems, corruption, chests, having metroidvania elements at it's basic form "just teleport back later with a new ability and get some loot".

Did it really need to have, I swear to God, a THOUSAND ledges and tight spaces you slowly climb and crawl onto every few STEPS that are there just to add a couple of hours of "playtime" in the long run. Countless things to shoot on a map, collectibles to get, fetching to do, but WHY..

The devs wasted so much resources to bloat the game and it's playtime, but at the same time the core-gameplay is just.. lacking. The combat reminds of the GoW, and yet it's so clunky, and shallow. The enemy variety is non-existent, as you fight the same 4 enemies for hours and hours. There's no interesting gear or accessories. No depth.

The game isn't that bad, it's just "okay", but it could've been so much better if it was a more linear 10-15 hours experience focused on it's strengths, instead of all the bloat that we see in so many games nowadays that try to be big just for the sake of it.

I played the initial few hours of it and yea sadly this game had a good premise, some great voice acting and good investigations mission design even tho they are on rails game does 95% of the job for u all u do is move and interact with things, but the decisions are urs to make, the setting of 1600's and the locations are also really cool not much explored in gaming landscape either, all in all this had great freaking potential but it all crumble down when it comes to gameplay.

the combat is Mid feel like its pre alpha or someshit, the platforming is straight from GOW on rail stuff.
the only thing that works and responsive is moving around in the world.

i wanted to like this game but I like this when I wasn't playing but watching the cutscenes the characters talking but when I got control of character I kind despise playing it felt boring so yea this isn't for me.

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Banishers is basically what you would get if you took God of War and gave it a little bit of the Sherlock Holmes treatment. It’s an interesting combo that has both its pros and cons.

Overall, the combat is pretty good. Hits have weight behind them, there’s a few different weapon types to mix and match mid-fight, the movement feels fluid, dodging, parrying, and blocking are responsive, and there’s an entire skill tree with new moves and such to add even more flavor. For not being the focus of the experience, the studio did a pretty good job making the combat fun to play.

That said, it really suffers with its enemy variety. It gets kinda boring fighting the same type of ghosts over and over throughout the game, especially since the only visual difference between most of them is their color. The boss fights are cool, but there aren’t enough of them to break up the otherwise monotonous enemies.

Exploration & Level Design
Exploration is also a big part of the experience and something Banishers does well. The level design in particular is solid. You have this large map to explore complete with branching paths, plenty of side objectives, towns with people to get to know, beautiful scenery, and I am just kinda a sucker for medieval/fantasy infused aesthetics and the world here in Banishers absolutely nails that.

One thing I really was not a fan of was the whole crafting/upgrading element. It reminded me of games like A Plague Tale or even God of War, where it’s just kinda tacked on to the experience and there to give you an excuse to wander around more to find more grass, stone, and other random material to collect for future upgrades. That aspect was not really fleshed out and came across as tedious as a result.

I liked the overarching plot. Two banishers - basically ghost hunters or paranormal investigators - traveling around solving cases and ultimately trying to decide the fate of Antea, your partner who herself is a ghost. It’s a great set up to tie together the rest of the game, which ultimately comes across as episodic.

That can be good or bad depending on the person. You have this goal of reaching New Eden - the town where your partner died - but must stop along the way to assist with cases that ultimately have no relation to the rest of the plot. Some of these cases are genuinely interesting, some are bad, but most are just okay. You’ll get one that dives into a couple characters and raises some great questions about topics like death, relationships, and what it takes to survive in the world, and then one that has a very predictable and boring twist with surface-level characters.

I would say for the most part, the cases are interesting, but there are quite a lot that just aren’t and you’re forced to go through them to progress anyways. Oftentimes the only relation they have to the main story is the decision you make at the very end when deciding who is to blame in a specific case. Your choices there ultimately decide the fate of your ghost partner, but I feel like the game could have done a bit more in making the rest of the story feel more than just episodic mini-stories.

Length & Replayability
The entire thing takes about 20-25 hours to clear, so it is rather lengthy, but I can’t say I see myself replaying this one to make different choices purely because the individual cases themselves - given I already know the outcome - would just be a slog.

Graphics, Music, & Performance
Character designs are solid, the environments are detailed, the lighting is well-done, and the soundtrack is alright too. Performance-wise, I was unable to run the game natively at 4k 144fps medium-high settings on my 3080 Ti and ended up having to enable DLSS to compensate. After that though, no issues aside from the occasional funky animation bug.

I would give Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden a light recommendation. It does many things well, such as the combat, the exploration, and the narrative too, but I can’t say that any single one of these is anything more than just “good”. The combat has issues with how repetitive it can be, the narrative is hit or miss due to the episodic nature of the game loop, and the whole crafting/upgrading system just felt shallow. That said, you do get some really interesting cases, characters, and the boss fights are really cool too. I’m glad I played it, but would only recommend it on sale or in a bundle.

Hoje vamos falar de um jogo que tem chamado minha atenção desde que foi anunciado: Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden. Ele é da desenvolvedora Don't Nod, mais conhecida por seu trabalho em jogos como Life is Strange. É um jogo de ação com foco narrativo e muitos elementos decisão, que é a especialidade da Don't Nod. No entanto, diferente do que se imagina, Banishers é bem diferente de tudo o que a Don't Nod já fez até o momento.

Ghosts of New Eden conta a história de dois Banishers, Antea Duarte e Red mac Raith, que viajaram para uma cidade chamada New Eden em 1695. Eles estão lá para ajudar a região assolada por uma maldição a pedido de um velho amigo. Banishers são caçadores de espíritos que podem expulsar maldições com rituais e proteger os vivos dos mortos. Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden não é apenas uma história sobre caça a fantasmas, já que Antea e Red também são um casal.

Após uma investigação inicial, Antea e Red se deparam com uma situação duvidosa na qual Antea é morta e transformada em espírito. Além de lidar com a maldição em New Eden, Red e Antea também terão que tomar a decisão de por a alma de Antea para descansar ou tentar ressuscitá-la sacrificando o máximo de vivos em um ritual antigo. Além da história em si, a atmosfera de Banishers exala o sentimento perfeito que o jogo quer passar. Ele proporciona um tom de mistério juntamente com alguns elementos levemente de terror.

No geral, Banishers possui uma narrativa intrigante com momentos emocionantes, decisões difíceis e histórias secundárias bem interessantes de acompanhar. Embora eu tenha tomado a decisão de seguir o caminho de reviver Antea, ao longo do caminho comecei a achar difícil permanecer nesse caminho, questionando-me o tempo todo sobre essa decisão, o que é muito legal e mostra o quanto o jogo se envolve na história a ponto de afetar seus sentimentos. As decisões desempenham um papel importante não apenas dentro da história e dos finais múltiplos, mas também na sua experiência com o jogo.

Banisher, no geral, é um RPG de ação. Red e Antea viajam para livrar a região da maldição. Os dois devem lutar contra espíritos, mortos-vivos e muito mais. O combate do jogo é sólido e relativamente simples. Existem os ataques de estilo de combate típicos de terceira pessoa, tanto leves quanto pesados, ataques à distância, ataques especiais e teletransporte. Para complementar suas habilidades, tanto Red quanto Antea têm uma série de habilidades para desbloquear em uma árvore de talentos, além de equipamentos para melhorar. No geral, o combate de Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden é bastante divertido.

Fora do combate, existem dois principais ciclos de jogabilidade de locomoção e investigações. A locomoção é limitada a um único botão e consiste em você teleportar de uma ponta a outra. A navegação, o retrocesso e a abertura de atalhos desempenham um papel significativo ao viajar pelo mundo. No geral, a jogabilidade é bem feita.Mas infelizmente começa a ficar um pouco repetitiva ao longo do tempo.

As investigações ajudam a avançar a história e desempenham um papel enorme nas histórias secundárias. Os jogadores podem investigar tanto como Red quanto como Antea, sendo que Antea é capaz de ver coisas que Red não pode, muitas vezes precisando da união de ambos para poder solucionar algum caso. Ao encontrar e identificar pistas, os jogadores são capazes de determinar o que aconteceu na situação, utilizando certos rituais é possível até mesmo visualizar tudo o que aconteceu no local e até mesmo invocar certo espírito morto naquela situação. Eles podem usar essas informações para tomar as decisões finais. Esta parte do jogo é muito legal, pois permite determinar o que está realmente ocorrendo e formar opiniões em tempo real enquanto ouvem os pensamentos de Red e Antea.

Banishers no sentido gráfico foi impressionante. Eu, quando comecei a jogar depois de ver vários trailers, estava com minha expectativa sobre o game lá no alto, e quando finalmente joguei o game fiquei surpreso o quanto estava legal tudo no game para mim. Quando você começa o prólogo, ele te passa uma impressão de que o game vai ser bem escuro, bem dark em maioria de seu tempo, mas não é exatamente o que acontece no game, a gente tem um misto de tudo, tanto momentos de dia quanto a noite e uma coisa que eu achei muito intrigante foi como mesmo ao dia o game conseguiu manter esse sentimento mais depressivo e de terror que New Eden tem que ter.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden é uma experiência esplêndida, um baita trabalho da Don't Nod. O jogo começa com pontos muito fortes, mas com o passar do tempo ele meio que se torna enjoativo e até mesmo perde um pouco da magia que você sentia quando iniciou o game. Mas ainda sim é um baita game e certamente para mim é uma das jogatinas mais legais que tive até então em 2024.

Pontos Positivos:
- Narrativa bem legal
- Visual lindo
- Toda a construção de mundo é incrível

Pontos Negativos:
- Gameplay um pouco repetitiva depois de um tempo

Versão utilizada para análise: XSS

Great story with simple yet awesome combat. Loved helping the people of New Eden with their ghostly problems by finding clues and exploring the land, uncovering more and more of the story behind the main issue of the land. I did a few side things but focused on the main story and it still took over twenty hours, this game can easily take up a lot of your time, in a good way!

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God of War meets the order with a little bit of souls.
Very good game. Nice gameplay, very good story and characters.
Graphics are also very good and doesn't have huge problems on PC.

The main problem of the game is that theres no variaety of enemies. youll figth the same type of enemies until the end of the game.

But overall everything about the game is good enough.

Okay, let’s do a short story version of what I thought of the game and then, if you feel like reading way too specific stuff about this game, you can keep reading for the long version, because there is a lot to say about this game, both good and bad.
Short version: the strongest point of this game are its story, characters (and voice acting), historical setting and visuals. The weakest point, for me, was combat. I found combat boring, repetitive and slow. If it weren’t for the characters, their dialogues and the overall story, I don’t know if I would have completed the game, because gameplay itself can get boring after a few hours.
Now for the long version, let’s go with specific stuff that I liked:
• The visuals were amazing. I don’t mean just realistic graphics (which it has), but also the designs of the enviroments, the houses, the landscapes, the characters themselves, their outfits and accessories; the objects you find lying around, everything. The interiors of houses and buildings in general were beautiful. Every time I entered a room I kinda lost myself for a bit just looking around.
• The dynamic between Red and Antea (both in gameplay and in the storyline) was great. It was fun to switch between characters, and it was fun to hear them talk to each other.
• The gun/rifle was fun to use in combat. I think it was one of the few things that I liked about the fighting in this game.
• I loved the story and themes of this game. The game deal with topics like love, death, loss, betrayal, violence, grief in a way that I really liked, because you feel all of that through the characters. As I said, for my experience, the story carried the game. If it wasn’t for the story, maybe I would have drop the game before finishing it. I played a few of the side quest that had very good stories as well. I because of the repetitive gameplay, I only played a few of all the side quest available.
Sadly, the game has a lot of things that I didn’t like. Some of this are small things that don’t represent a real problem for the game as a whole, and others are more important.
• I found the combat very boring. At first, I thought it was because I needed to upgrade my gear, learn new abilities, learn new mechanics later on in the game, etc. But at around 10 hours into the game, I was just tired of the fighting parts. The game doesn’t try to hide the influence of “God of War” (2018). But while in that game the combat feels very real and dynamic, and fast and actually rewarding, in Banishers it feels slow, repetitive and very inefficient. In every enemy encounter I found myself taking way too long to defeat them, but not because they were hard or challenging to fight (that would have actually been great), but because the damage was ridiculously low, even after upgrading the weapons and character. It took me forever to defeat the most simple foes, after hitting and hitting buttons. The boss fights were a bit better, maybe because they look different, or maybe because you had to focus in just one enemy. The only thing that made the combat good for moments were the interaction and witch between characters. I think they could have explore that mechanic a lot more. Add more combos, more weapons, etc.
• There is not “bestiary” where you can look the different types of enemies. Maybe because there is not a lot of enemy types. But I would have like to have a section where you could read about the enemies, maybe even combat tips for each of them, and stuff like that.
• Played it on XBOX Series X and I had about three or four crashes in the middle of the game or cinematics. One of the glitches came right after I defeated “The Beast”, so I had to play that boss fight again, because the game wasn’t saved before crashing. Not a big deal, but a bit annoying.
• The compass on top of the screen is just bad. I don’t know, maybe this point is my fault, but there were a lot of times when I was running around trying to guess where the compass was actually trying to make me go, because it kept moving a lot, even walking in straight line. So I had to open the map, see the destination and try to go that way.
• In the final part of the game, it feels like they were trying to stretch it maybe? In one of the last quests you have to go from point A to point B several times, just to start a dialogue that sends you to another point. This isn’t always a bad thing, but I found the map not very fun to explore after a few hours.
• The game probably has a few different endings (I didn’t google this, but I think it does, because you have important choices all throughout the game) and I’d like to see them all, but I don’t see myself playing this game again, so I will probably look them up on Youtube.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is a mix of God of War and The Witcher 3. Although story itself is not very intersting, narrative is very effective. Story telling is at its peak. Side quests are as good as main quests. Of course there are things that Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden can't do well. First, Combat is repatitive and enemy variety is not enough for a game with 30+ hours gameplay time.

Pegaram diversos elementos do God of War e TW3, e saiu um bom jogo. Por mais que tenha elementos dos jogos citados, ainda sim tem sua própria identidade.

A história do jogo e a exploração de mapaé o que carrega a gameplay, pois o combate tem uma variedade muito baixa de inimigos (se repetem MUITO) e por mais que tenha uma boa árvore de upgrade, o combate também é bem limitado..

Sessões de investigação onde tudo é mastigado para o jogador, como se ele fosse um idiota.

Um combate melhor que o de vampyr, mas ainda maçante e duro. Inimigos fáceis e idiotas que ficam se acumulando pelas áreas.

A dont nod tem boas ideias para histórias e personagens (esse é o ponto forte de todos os seus jogos), mas não acho que ação seja o forte deles