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Dålig combat dålig/ointressant story och linjärt


Tudo e muito lindo, os gráficos, direção de arte, personagens e a fotografia das cinematics. ta doido. Amei a premissa da história, e essa coisa da gente decidir quem e o culpado nas historias muito do bacana. A dinâmica entre o Red e a Antea e apaixonante, e verdadeira, uma das melhores coisas do jogo. Em questão de gameplay, achei o combate maneiro, e o sistema de exploração e evolução tbm, mas por algum motivo pro final do meio do jogo eu dei uma broxada muito boa, fiquei bem preguiça de jogar mesmo, só que a história me segurou.

Vale a pena.

La gran sorpresa del año. Don’t Nod vuelve a dar en el clavo con una trágica historia oscura de amor, fantasmas y maldiciones. Aprendiendo de lo que funcionó bien (y no tan bien) en Vampyr, Banishers: Ghosts of Eden es a todas luces una clara evolución de la fórmula del juego de vampiros. Y si os gustó Vampyr, os enamorará Banishers.

- Great ambientation
- Immersive world atmosphere
- Beautiful game
- Nice history
- Good characters
- Combat is bad
- Exploration is a great deception, walk to discovery secret places to find the same items that you always find in any part of the map
- Good side quests

Really enjoyed this one, went into it not expecting too much (because of some of the reviews I've seen) but was pleasantly surprised.
For starters, this game is beautiful. There's something really lovely about the setting and way the world is presented, so it's very nice to look at.
The combat does let the game down, unfortunately, as it's very basic and repetitive. So, I did get to the point where I was going through areas hoping not to encounter any combat, which is a shame.
But if you look past the combat, the story is enthralling. It doesn't do anything groundbreaking, it's just a story about the two main characters endless love for one another, and what they'll do for it.

Will definitely replay this to explore the other choices throughout the game.

Great story with simple yet awesome combat. Loved helping the people of New Eden with their ghostly problems by finding clues and exploring the land, uncovering more and more of the story behind the main issue of the land. I did a few side things but focused on the main story and it still took over twenty hours, this game can easily take up a lot of your time, in a good way!

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God of War meets the order with a little bit of souls.
Very good game. Nice gameplay, very good story and characters.
Graphics are also very good and doesn't have huge problems on PC.

The main problem of the game is that theres no variaety of enemies. youll figth the same type of enemies until the end of the game.

But overall everything about the game is good enough.

Okay, let’s do a short story version of what I thought of the game and then, if you feel like reading way too specific stuff about this game, you can keep reading for the long version, because there is a lot to say about this game, both good and bad.
Short version: the strongest point of this game are its story, characters (and voice acting), historical setting and visuals. The weakest point, for me, was combat. I found combat boring, repetitive and slow. If it weren’t for the characters, their dialogues and the overall story, I don’t know if I would have completed the game, because gameplay itself can get boring after a few hours.
Now for the long version, let’s go with specific stuff that I liked:
• The visuals were amazing. I don’t mean just realistic graphics (which it has), but also the designs of the enviroments, the houses, the landscapes, the characters themselves, their outfits and accessories; the objects you find lying around, everything. The interiors of houses and buildings in general were beautiful. Every time I entered a room I kinda lost myself for a bit just looking around.
• The dynamic between Red and Antea (both in gameplay and in the storyline) was great. It was fun to switch between characters, and it was fun to hear them talk to each other.
• The gun/rifle was fun to use in combat. I think it was one of the few things that I liked about the fighting in this game.
• I loved the story and themes of this game. The game deal with topics like love, death, loss, betrayal, violence, grief in a way that I really liked, because you feel all of that through the characters. As I said, for my experience, the story carried the game. If it wasn’t for the story, maybe I would have drop the game before finishing it. I played a few of the side quest that had very good stories as well. I because of the repetitive gameplay, I only played a few of all the side quest available.
Sadly, the game has a lot of things that I didn’t like. Some of this are small things that don’t represent a real problem for the game as a whole, and others are more important.
• I found the combat very boring. At first, I thought it was because I needed to upgrade my gear, learn new abilities, learn new mechanics later on in the game, etc. But at around 10 hours into the game, I was just tired of the fighting parts. The game doesn’t try to hide the influence of “God of War” (2018). But while in that game the combat feels very real and dynamic, and fast and actually rewarding, in Banishers it feels slow, repetitive and very inefficient. In every enemy encounter I found myself taking way too long to defeat them, but not because they were hard or challenging to fight (that would have actually been great), but because the damage was ridiculously low, even after upgrading the weapons and character. It took me forever to defeat the most simple foes, after hitting and hitting buttons. The boss fights were a bit better, maybe because they look different, or maybe because you had to focus in just one enemy. The only thing that made the combat good for moments were the interaction and witch between characters. I think they could have explore that mechanic a lot more. Add more combos, more weapons, etc.
• There is not “bestiary” where you can look the different types of enemies. Maybe because there is not a lot of enemy types. But I would have like to have a section where you could read about the enemies, maybe even combat tips for each of them, and stuff like that.
• Played it on XBOX Series X and I had about three or four crashes in the middle of the game or cinematics. One of the glitches came right after I defeated “The Beast”, so I had to play that boss fight again, because the game wasn’t saved before crashing. Not a big deal, but a bit annoying.
• The compass on top of the screen is just bad. I don’t know, maybe this point is my fault, but there were a lot of times when I was running around trying to guess where the compass was actually trying to make me go, because it kept moving a lot, even walking in straight line. So I had to open the map, see the destination and try to go that way.
• In the final part of the game, it feels like they were trying to stretch it maybe? In one of the last quests you have to go from point A to point B several times, just to start a dialogue that sends you to another point. This isn’t always a bad thing, but I found the map not very fun to explore after a few hours.
• The game probably has a few different endings (I didn’t google this, but I think it does, because you have important choices all throughout the game) and I’d like to see them all, but I don’t see myself playing this game again, so I will probably look them up on Youtube.