BioShock 2 Remastered

released on Sep 14, 2016

A remaster of BioShock 2

BioShock 2 Remastered was released as a part of BioShock: The Collection and also available separately for PC. The remastered version has achievements, full controller support, high resolution textures, models and interface, and 4K resolution support.

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Fun for a while, but doesn't do enough to keep you invested the whole way through
Still good tho

Lo poco que jugué no me gustó pero estaba dispuesto a terminarlo... Hasta que de la nada hoy lo abro y mi partida guardada no existe mas...
Epic Games es la peor bosta que toqué en mi vida lo odio lo cagué desinstalando. Si algún día lo consigo en Steam capaz que lo termine.

the gimmick of playing as a big daddy is cool but as full game meh

Вот видите: достаточно убрать миниигры с трубопроводами и назначить плазмиды на правую кнопку мыши - и игра стала В РАЗЫ лучше первой части

Лучшая игра во всей серии, которую почему то в моем детстве мало кто любил.

mid story, great characters but the improvements to the gameplay just make it overall better than the first