BioShock Infinite

released on Feb 26, 2013

BioShock Infinite is the third game in the BioShock series. It is not a direct sequel/prequel to any of the previous BioShock games but takes place in an entirely different setting, although it shares similar features, gameplay and concepts with the previous games. BioShock Infinite features a range of environments that force the player to adapt, with different weapons and strategies for each situation. Interior spaces feature close combat with enemies, but unlike previous games set in Rapture, the setting of Infinite contains open spaces with emphasis on sniping and ranged combat against as many as fifteen enemies at once.

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I like games that let me kill racists. Not so much ones that "both sides" racism though. Ending is over rated. Still pretty decent game.

Great aesthetic, super fun gameplay, good story

Muito superior aos anteriores, em todos os aspectos

A new twist to the feature, fun gameplay but couldn't capture the same atmosphere like the first two games did

Ahaha... die Ayn Randian scum... pew pew.

Easily a top 3 game all time to me