Castlevania Legends

Castlevania Legends

released on Nov 27, 1997

Castlevania Legends

released on Nov 27, 1997

Every legend has a beginning. Now discover the beginning of the Castlevania Legend in Castlevania Legends for Game Boy. In this single-player adventure, you play as Sonia Belmont, the very first in the line of vampire hunting Belmonts. Use your whip to fend off the forces of darkness, as you work your way through six stages of non-linear gameplay. Explore the legendary areas of Castlevania, including the surrounding forest and the infamous clock tower. Don't forget to collect hearts from the torches that litter the stages to gain extra lives. Adjustable difficulty settings allow you to choose the skill level at which you want to play. At the end of it all, Count Dracula himself awaits. Can you defeat him and put the evil to rest for another 100 years?

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I just came out of the Castlevania Anniversary collection only for then find out that ANOTHER one is free on the Nintendo Switch Online. SO I went "Ehhhhh why not"

And this is a funky one.
Of the Game boy game it is definitely not the worst (imo nothing can be worse than Castlevania: The Adventure) but I feel it's definitely not the best

I dunno how to explain it, but this one to me feels like.... a weird castlevania low-budget fangame made for the GB: it's a weird mix of the linear progression of the past titles with the metroidvania of Symphony. and on paper this sounds cool... but the realization is really lacking.

The limitations of the gameboy means that you got a really slow heroine with not a lot of movement and offensive options. ANd while the mpa is more open, most of the time you just have all of thes ebranching paths that leads you either on one of the secret collectibles, or just into nothing. Like I remember walking into a series of corridors filled with spiders adn bats HIDDEN INTO THE CANDLES (good trolly move there) only to reach the top and being rewarded with a piece of meat... thanks I guess.

The adventure is not very long but this walking around in cricles didn't made it that enjoyable for me.

ALso I had a small bug where beating one of the minibosses (the big knight) didn't open the way to proceed, so I had to beat it again to free the spike-filled passage

THe reason why I find this one like a fanmade project (I know it's not but still) is the story, that gives the same vibe of a weird fanfiction: you follow the OC do not steal Sonia Belmont, which has a cool design and I like how she uses magic via the collectible hearts. But then you find out that she is supposed to be the first of the Belmont dinasty, that she is the one that killed dracula, that she is the one that kills Alucard even tho the two love each other and I guess have a child in the good ending.....

I dunno, I guess I grew up with the idea that Leon is the first Belmont, and that Alucard end up with Maria, and all that jazz... so I am not surprised that Konami snapped this story out of the canon timeline...

Overall a mediocre but not horrible experience. It's nice that they made a main cool female Belmont for once, but her adventure is not really the best of the franchise, sadly.

I can only imagine living in 1997 and thinking to myself “man, what if I could play a Castlevania game in which the main character feels like they’re trudging through molasses?” God so bored I quit

Castlevania Legends is the last Castlevania game on the original Game Boy, and probably one of the last exclusive Game Boy games before the Game Boy Color was released.

Unlike the previous two games that starred Christopher Belmont, this game stars Sonia Belmont, which I believe might have been the first female Belmont we've seen in the series.
I think this game was supposed to be the first in the Castlevania timeline, but then when an official Castlevania timeline was made, this game was left out of it and considered non-canon. I believe Koji Igarashi has later come out and said that he does regret making that timeline, so if Konami ever discards it, I wouldn't mind it, since it only really restricts things.

Anyway, there isn't much of a story here, but I do like how each of the Game Boy Castlevania games inject more and more dialogue as the games go along. It adds an extra boost to the production values, which is nice to see.

Speaking of production values, this game looks good, but not that much better than Belmont's Revenge. Considering this game came out in 1997, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed, but I don't really care for it in the long run.
I will say that I did like the soundtrack. There were a few songs that I didn't like, but what I did like was solid. Check the OST out if you're curious.

As for the gameplay, not much has changed from the previous titles, when it comes to the basic controls.
However, sub-weapons are bit different. Instead of getting them through candles in the stages, you will now receive a new Soul Weapon after you beat a boss. You keep it through the rest of the game, and you can swap between the ones you have using the Select button. I think this is a pretty cool addition!
The Soul Weapons we do receive range from the ability to stop time, to healing, to a screen-nuke.

In addition, the game's level design is a bit different from other Classicvanias, as in there are multiple paths that you can find in the stages... but a lot of them will lead to dead-ends, and you'll find more of them as you go through the game.
However, it's not all bad, as with these paths, you can find the Collection Items, which are represented by classic Castlevania sub-weapons. If you collect all of these, you will receive the best ending, which is nice.

But because of these dead-ends, and how long this stages took, it made the game a bit longer than it should be, making the game feel padded out.

Overall, while Castlevania: Legends can feel padded out and the enemy placement sometimes isn't the best, the new ideas it brings make this one stand out from other Classicvanias, and I had a decent time with the game.

Game should have been called “Dodge the F***ing Bats”

Yeah... not counting remakes, this was the last Castlevania game with the classic gameplay, and I have to say that, although I understand that many people are fond of it because it was part of their childhood or because they believe that having a female protagonist saves it, on the other hand, this game sucks and I think nothing justifies it.

Without exaggeration, this game feels like a prototype of Castlevania II Belmont's Revenge (the second GB game, released in 1991), which for some reason 6 years later Konami decided to release to get some easy money. Everything is a big step backwards from Belmont's Revenge, the gameplay feels slower and clunky, the graphics are less detailed, the level design is bland and boring. There's no challenge in the game, sure, you'll die a couple of times, but when you do it will be in the most boring way possible, because the enemies are positioned in ways that are simply annoying, but not challenging. It's too easy, and yet it's extremely tedious to play.

The game has some interesting concepts and mechanics, like for example, to unlock the true ending, you have to get the classic sub-weapons of the series (which for some strange reason you will NEVER be able to use), which adds that exploration factor to the game. The bad thing is that exploring in this game is annoying because of two things. The first is that there are a lot of paths that lead you to dead ends and don't reward you in anything, feeling like a waste of time, and besides that, there are also traps that lead you to some sort of arena where you have to defeat waves of monsters as punishment, and that's not the worst thing, the worst thing is that many times the enemies are positioned on a very small platform where it's hard to attack them since when you defeat them they reappear in the only places from where you can attack them, making you always take damage. They are a real nuisance, as they don't add anything of value to the experience. Secondly, if for some reason you went down the wrong path and forgot one of these special items, you block the possibility of accessing the true ending with no other option but to start from the beginning.

The true sub-weapons in the game are weird, these are powers which are obtained every time you defeat the boss of a level. What I like about this is that you have at your disposal the ability to swap sub-weapons on the fly by simply accessing the menu, however, these powers are very broken, the first one you get freezes time, and there is another one that wipes out all enemies on the screen.

You can also enter a “hyper-powered” mode if you press A+B, in which you are invulnerable to all attacks and greatly increases your movement speed. With this you'll defeat the bosses in no time.

Somehow, I feel that the developers put all those “interesting” elements as a way to “correct” a flaw in the game's design. For example, the powerful sub-weapons serve to compensate for the game's mediocre and annoying enemy positioning. The alternate paths “compensate” for the blandness of the level design. The hyper-powered mode compensates for the slow character movement. But to me, these additions more than fix the game make it much worse, because it implies that the developers knew the game wasn't that good and still decided to keep going.

Yes... I would talk about the story, but it's not worth it, it's sappy, it's nonsense and it's not even canon.

If Castlevania The Adventure was an admirable attempt to adapt the series to the GB (failing in said attempt), 8 years later, Castlevania Legends arrived to give it competition, but this also being the most unnecessary game of the franchise. I wish it was funny, but it's just sad.

At least Castlevania The Adventure is somewhat justifiable because it came out when the franchise was just starting, but this game? it came out after Symphony of the Night, after the classic formula had peaked more than once. Nothing redeems this bad game.